JCHC Marketing 2020 Focus on Awareness

Johnson County Healthcare Center Marketing Director Marcy Schueler gave a report on the department to the hospital board of trustees during their recent meeting, saying the focus of marketing for the facility during the coming year will be awareness, and she explains further.

Schueler said the overall message is that the relationship patients have with the facility is a special one that allows them to provide great healthcare.

She will be using the message in imagery and advertising.

The focus of the marketing push will include surgery, colonoscopy, home health, same day and Saturday clinic, 3D mammography, obstetrics, and there will be events featured in the marketing push as well.

Schueler said she will focus on one unique aspect of care provided by the clinic.

Print, radio, social media, pamphlets and brochures will all be part of the marketing plan, according to Schueler.

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