1.     FS – Women’s golf clubs, MISC horse tack, Grill (Charcoal), TV Wall Mountain

Call: (307)673-7294

2.     FS- Shingles

Call: (307)752-5654

3.     FS- Corn Plant Starter, Wood and leather chair, branch cutter, electric weed eater, ex. Cord reel.

Call: (307)683-7159

4.     FS- Miter saw w/ stand ($75.00), Fert. Spreader, 7ft Couch w/ Recliners

Call: (307)751-0081

5.     FS- Misc. Lawn mowers, Electric weed eaters w/ lawn mower, misc. tires, 3 sets of golf clubs, .308 Brass

Call: (307)751-0081

6.     W- Needs repair on an antique headboard.

Call: (307)461-0280

7.     Methodist Church Thrift Store open today 9AM-2PM

8.     FS- Metal fenders for Jeep Wrangler 3126

Call: (307)763-3126

9.     FS- 3 pairs of Carhartt pants (34×30)

Call: (307)737-2420

10.                          FS-Reloading tools and supplies

FS- Weatherby box w/ cartridges

Call: (307)655-2537

11.                         FS- corn fed butcher beef

Call: (307)751-224212.                         Rotary Spring sale (Ranchester)  May 8th at 8AM

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