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Cody Cubs Vs. Powell Pioneers Highlights – Legion Baseball ‘A’ State Tournament 7/28/23

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Coming into this game, 3-time defending state champ Cody had lost all 5 encounters vs. their arch rivals this season.

The Cubs took out their frustrations, got some payback and qualified for the state championship game.

Kevin Koile – Sheridan Media

0:00 Top 1: Jace Jarrett doubles on the first pitch of the game.

0:16 Top 1: Jack Schroeder singles. Jarrett scores. Cody 1 Powell 0

0:28 Top 1: Schroeder scores on a passed ball. Cody 2 Powell 0

0:40 Top 1: Dominic Phillps scores on a passed ball. Cody 3 Powell 0

0:52 Top 1: Ethan Welch (Powell) strikes out Ben Reinker (Cody).

1:01 Bottom 1: Brock Johnson (Powell) caught stealing 2nd. (Jarrett to Myles Bailey)

1:13 Bottom 1: Jack Schroeder (Cody) strikes out Cade Queen (Powell)

1:22 Top 2: Aiden Greenwald (Powell) strikes out Eli Johnston (Cody)

No video: Myles Bailey scores on a bases loaded walk. Cody 4 Powell 0

1:31 Top 2: Dominic Phillips singles. Jarrett scores. Cody 5 Powell 0

1:46 Top 2: Trey Schroeder scores on a wild pitch. Cody 6 Powell 0

No video: William Duke singles. Jack Schroeder and Phillps score. Cody 8 Powell 0

No video: Wyatt Carlson scores on a bases loaded walk. Cody 9 Powell 0

1:59 Top 3: Greenwald (Powell) strikes out Carlson with the bases loaded.

2:08 Bottom 3: Trey Schroeder (Cody) strikes out Trey Stenerson (Powell)

2:17 Top 4: Jack Schroeder sacrifice fly. Johnston scores. Cody 10 Powell 0

2:33 Bottom 4: Trey Schroeder (Cody) strikes out Ryan Cordes (Powell)

2:42 Top 5: Myles Bailey singles. Carlson scores. Cody 11 Powell 0

2:53 Top 5: Jarrett singles. Reinker and Johnston score. Cody 13 Powell 0

3:08 Top 5: Trey Schroeder singles. Myles Bailey scores. Cody 14 Powell 0

3:20 Top 5: Phillips singles. Trey Schroeder scores. Cody 15 Powell 0

3:34 Top 5: Trey Thomasson singles. Jack Schroeder and Phillips score. Cody 17 Powell 0

3:50 Bottom 5: Trey Schroeder (Cody) strikes out Stenerson (Powell)

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