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Denver Nuggets Are NBA Champions! Finals Recap and Post-Game Notes | Podcast

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Welcome to the Weekend Sports Wrap Podcast! This week, the Denver Nuggets win their first NBA title in franchise history, James recaps game five and the rest of the series and adds some post-game observations such as: Does Nikola Jokic just play basketball as a job? How does he have both the cutest kid and scariest brothers, and does Stan Kroenke know how microphones work? Then, some funny stuff from the sports weekend such as John Sterling wearing a foul ball right off the eyebrow and finishing the call, and the Heat’s mascot Burnie getting obliterated by Connor McGregor and going to the hospital. Finally, a change in perspective when it comes to Livvy Dunne rizzing up Baby Gronk after two weeks of weird reporting on the matter. Remember to rate and follow!

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