US Representative Cheney Raises Record Campaign Funds In Late 2021

The Donald Trump-backed opponent of Liz Cheney finished 2021 with what in any previous year would have been a major fundraising haul for Wyoming, but amounted to a small fraction of the over $2 million raised by Cheney for her best quarter yet.

Cheyenne attorney Harriet Hageman raised $443,000 during the last three months of 2021, similar to what Cheney raised in her last full quarter before winning a third term in 2020.

Cheney, though, has been setting multiple personal fundraising records despite a GOP backlash for voting to impeach Trump for the January 2021, insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, and for not relenting in her public criticism of Trump.

Her $2.04 million raised in the fourth quarter of 2021 topped her previous record of $1.9 million in the year’s second quarter, according to year-end Federal Election Commission filings due this past Monday.

Hageman launched her campaign for Wyoming’s lone U.S. House seat last summer, running on her ties with the state’s ranching community and her experience in agriculture-related legal issues.

Like Cheney, she comes from a Republican political family.

Her late father was a rancher and state representative who was well-known in Wyoming, if not as famous as Cheney’s dad, former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Trump’s endorsement of Hageman soon after she entered the race last year caused some but not all in a crowded field of Republicans who lined up to oppose Cheney to drop out.

“Wyoming deserves to be represented by someone who cares about Wyoming, not someone who is consumed by her own personal war with President Trump,” Hageman said in a statement Monday.

Cheney spokesman Jeremy Adler declined to comment.

But opposing Trump has helped Cheney’s campaign finances, at least, even as Republicans in the U.S. House stripped her of a top leadership job and Wyoming Republicans voted to censure her and to no longer even recognize her as a Republican.

Her $7.2 million raised this cycle ranks sixth among U.S. House candidates, according to the FEC.

After spending about $1 million last quarter, Cheney finished the year with $4.7 million.

Hageman spent about $307,000 over the quarter and had $381,000 left.

Both candidates reported getting the vast majority of their contributions from individuals — Hageman about 96% and Cheney about 94% — as opposed to political action committees.

Hageman finished third in Wyoming’s six-way GOP gubernatorial primary in 2018, getting about 22% of the vote. Trump and others have worried a similar vote split this year could seal the nomination for Cheney.

But efforts to change Wyoming’s voting system in time for the state’s Aug. 16 Republican and Democratic primaries came up short.

Other Republicans still actively running include state Sen. Anthony Bouchard, of Cheyenne, who reported raising $639,000 in 2021 and having $60,000 left at the end of the year.

Retired U.S. Army Col. Denton Knapp, of Gillette, reported raising $21,000 in 2021 and having $3,700 left.

No Democrats have announced they’re running against Cheney.

The winner of the GOP primary in August is almost always heavily favored to win the Nov. 8 general election in Republican-dominated Wyoming.

A Democrat hasn’t represented Wyoming in the U.S. House since Teno Roncalio decided not to seek reelection and Dick Cheney first won the seat in 1978.


      • W is not a trump fan. Trump made bush/cheney look like the incompetent swap rats that they were. all they did was get people killed so china Joe could retreat and get more americans killed needlessly…

    • Mike: No reason to guess. The Cowboy State Daily has published relevant portions of a Federal Election Commission report showing that Wyoming individuals contributed $176,530 to Cheney’s campaign through the first three quarters of the year, which ended Sept. 30. During the same period, California residents donated $428,807, followed by Virginia at $351,860, New York at $299,570, Florida at $291,485, Texas at $220,844 and Washington, D.C., at $191,038. The contributions from those six areas made up roughly 47% of all of Cheney’s individual donations through the nine-month period. So, media pundits, tell us again how popular Cheney is in Wyoming. Her campaign t-shirts read “Cheney for Wyoming.” Really? Maybe they should read: “Congresswoman for hire to other states and Democrat interests.”

  1. …recently, most all local Trump supporters dislike Liz Cheney for her critical views on Trump…he’s the guy that tried to steal the ballot boxes with our votes inside and tried to instigate a riot in Maricopa County with protestors outside the courthouse which fortunately was thwarted by local law enforcement…then there was Jan 6th in DC…I could go on but maybe Kristi Noem can breathe some life into the MAGAlomaniacs political future but then again Noem has a politically savvy brain…

    • ROFLMAO–Trump derangement syndrome. Can a sheep complete a sentence without say January 6th? Wow if trump did all that i would think he would be in prison now but golly… that Russian hoax thing was just an embarrassment to liberals.. however, maybe u can check on mr swalwell… i heard he is in bed with the Chinese figuratively and literally….and adam schiff.. does he still have proof in hand of russian collusion? now would be a good time to share…keep up the good work mark…now that the CNN boss is fired u have a chance at the job!!

      • What’s wrong Mike don’t like being reminded that it was Trump supporting Republicans who attempted a coup by storming the capital. If I were you I would want try to forget that as well. One cannot defend the indefensible

  2. I personally don’t care what she did concerning Trump (I’d have voted to impeach him for inciting a riot) it’s her war mongering that bothers me. But if her unnatural obsession with orange haired man that removes her from office that’s great too.

  3. I am no fan of Liz Cheney, but I do commend her for her principled stance against the traitorous insurrectionist wing of the GOP. Her fund raising haul compared to Hageman’s demonstrates that more people agree with Liz and her stand then do with Trump and his anti-American cadre

    • ROFLMAO–simmer down, anti american cadre?? I fought for this country? and you? Keyboard warrior i would guess. Liz is toast. the only people who will vote for her are on this thread.. Enjoy the party

  4. All of her money is from out of state. She will take the cnn analyst job for national exposure, and save that money for her run in Virginia 2024 Senate race. She has zero chance in Wyoming, and doesn’t represent Wyoming voters, she knows it, hence the cnn job

    • I disagree Liz’s principled stand against the Trump traitors reflects the values of everyone I know in Wyoming. Collectively, Wyomingites are able to see the charlatan for what he is a failed want-to-be dictator.

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