College Trustees Hear Updates on School District 2 Projects

School District 2 trustees meet with college district trustees Monday night. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Representatives of Sheridan County School District 2 updated trustees of the Northern Wyoming Community College District on programs that the school district operates with help from Sheridan College in a joint meeting of the two boards Monday night.

Included were reports on the school district’s early childhood liaison program, the John C. Schiffer Collaborative School and the dual-concurrent enrollment program operated between the school district and college.

School District Superintendent Craig Dougherty said the school and college districts have been holding the annual joint meetings for at least 15 years, possibly 20.

Dougherty said both the school district and the college have grown immensely over the years in their services to students and how they can better serve each other. He said the impact has been very positive to students in Sheridan County.

School District Superintendent Craig Dougherty visits with College President Dr. Walt Tribley before the meeting gets underway. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Regarding the school district’s early childhood liaison program, College District President Dr. Walt Tribley said the investment in early childhood education pays many times forward.

Assistant Superintendent Scott Stults reported on the Schiffer school project, and Assistant Superintendent Mitch Craft on the dual-concurrent enrollment program.

Sheridan Media will report on all of those programs in future stories.

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