New AARP Job Center Designed To Help Military Veterans And Their Spouses

Military Veterans and their spouses now have a new way to not only find a job, but a job that might make use of some of the skills they learned while serving.

The AARP has announced it has launched its new Veterans and Military Spouses Job Center.

It’s a new digital platform designed to help nearly 52,000 Wyoming veterans and their spouses get the information and resources to compete in today’s job market.

Examples of resources include career planning and skills development, tips for acing a civilian job interview, and a job board with a veterans wanted filler, to find out which jobs are looking for veterans, 

The AARP says a recent survey shows 56% of employers say experience and skills in a previous position are very important when evaluating an applicant’s skills.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says veteran unemployment was at 3.2% in December 2021, however 67% of veteran employees and their spouses say they have a job that is unequal to the level of skills and qualifications that they gained in the military.

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