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Council Approves Compact Loader Purchase

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The City of Sheridan recently solicited bids from qualified vendors through Sourcewell, one of the City’s authorized cooperative purchasing platforms, for a compact loader for the Big Goose Water Treatment Plant. A bid in the amount of $67,695 from Wyoming Machinery for the loader was recently awarded by the Sheridan City Council. City Utilities Director Dan Roberts said they received bids from two vendors and explained why staff could not recommend the lowest bidder.

Dan Roberts

Roberts said the compact loader is a multi-purpose piece of machinery, that in addition to standard duties of handling sludge, moving snow and loading materials at the Big Goose Water Treatment Plant, it will serve as a pump drive unit for managing stream solids to remove debris collected in City basins at intake during runoff. By using the machine in this fashion, Roberts said the City is able to remove a significant capital project, to modify the treatment plant’s sludge drying beds,  from their budget.

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