Gordon Outlines His Budget Priorities

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon has outlined his budget priorities and requests for the upcoming biennium to the Legislature’s Joint Appropriations Committee through the submission of a series of 17 letters. According to a release from his office, Governor Gordon’s letters include $25 million to establish an Energy Commercialization Program that would be focused on advancing coal and carbon capture research. Gordon also suggest $1 million to support a Coal Marketing Program.

Other requests included a $500,000 appropriation for predator control efforts, $20 million for one time compensation to equitably recognize all state employees, and the continuation of the $105 million that is provided to the state’s counties and municipalities. Gordon said that his priority continues to be keep spending as flat as possible in preparation for the coming fiscal storm. To view the letters sent by the Governor, follow this link https://ai.wyo.gov/divisions/budget/governors-letters.

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