Governor’s Legal Action Leads to Pause in Federal Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers

The United States District Court, Eastern District of Missouri issued a preliminary injunction Monday that stops the implementation and enforcement of a rule from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that would impose a vaccine mandate on healthcare workers. Sheridan Media’s Ron Richter has the details.

Governor’s Legal Action Leads to Pause in Federal Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon and Attorney General Bridget Hill entered Wyoming in the lawsuit challenging the federal mandate. Gordon said this is welcome news for Wyoming’s rural healthcare facilities, which are already facing staffing challenges without additional unconstitutional burdens being placed on their employees by the federal government.

The proposed mandate required nearly every employee, volunteer and contractor working at a wide range of healthcare facilities receiving Medicaid or Medicare funding to have received at least a first dose of the vaccine prior to Monday,  December 6. The court, in its ruling, agreed to preliminary enjoin implementation and enforcement of the rule because arguments made by Wyoming and a coalition of other states have a likelihood of success on the merits. In the lawsuit, Wyoming and the coalition have argued that CMS does not have authority to issue the mandate, and that it would impact the ability of healthcare facilities to effectively care for patients. The ruling applies only to the 10-state coalition that, along with Wyoming, includes Missouri, Nebraska, Arkansas, Kansas, Iowa, Alaska, South Dakota, North Dakota, and New Hampshire. Gordon said while the ruling is a victory for Wyoming and the other states in the coalition, the case is not over and they will continue their efforts to challenge the mandate through the lawsuit.


  1. Health care workers should never have been forced to take an experimental and untested vaccine in order to keep their job.

    • don’t understand data and data based conclusions, huh Tommy? Goes something like: review records of administrations, side effects, number of subsequent infections, number of subsequent illnesses, hospitalizations, etc. There are even people trained, experienced and skilled in that process. ‘Course like the saying goes …. opinions are like noses, everybody’s got one. And takes no knowledge to have (and believe) an opinion . . . your comment seems evidence of that.

      • The vaccinated are also spreading the virus, getting breakthrough cases, and sometimes dying, denny, its part of that ‘data’ that somehow gets lost by your MSM. WY hospitals are already feeling the pinch from the need for health care workers. Did you even read the article?

  2. …the theory of the lawsuit is flawed…unvaccinated healthcare workers only contribute to the pandemic public health problem…any vulnerable immune deficient patient (deficient for any reason) requiring medical attention at any public health facility is being placed at higher risk of sickness or death by unvaccinated employees…

    • I am so tired of hearing this absolutely flawed argument that only the unvaxxed are spreading the virus. The vaccinated are still able to contract and spread the virus at a rate that is statistically insignificant from those who are unvaxxed. This is common knowledge that even the CDC and WHO concede even though the mainstream media ignores it. This idea that the ‘vaccine’ would stop the spread of covid and end the pandemic was never true and anyone still believing that at this point with all the evidence to the contrary is ignorant and uninformed, turn off the big news networks where the lies and propaganda never end… Being ‘vaccinated’ does not make you immune from covid, the ‘vaccine’ was only ever designed to make it harder to get sick and limit the severity if and when you do get infected. And it is also a fact that the ‘vaccine’ protection wanes over time, so someone who was jabbed last spring may only have 15-50% of the original protection left from when they were first jabbed.

      • You’re 100% correct and the back-pedaling and “clarifications” are really spooling up. The folks pulling the strings are fully aware that people have a very short memory, especially when bombarded with “information”. Remember when masks offered no protection? Well guess what-they still don’t. They might catch some phlegm from someone hacking away-but they aren’t stopping you from catching anything. Hanging a garlic clover around your neck was just harder to market to the masses.

      • @ 65% of the population is vaccinated- 95% of the people in the ER from covid are unvaccinated- if I ever meet a covidiot who can do math I’ll buy him or her a cigar.

  3. Finally someone with some common sense! My body my choice. There is no vaccine for covid, and that cocktail that they call a vaccine, only lessens the effects and allows people to become asymptomatic, and unknowingly spread the virus, becoming more of a problem. We need to go back to Trump’s idea and talk about treatments

    • You are right Mitch… We all know that the vaccine is a “commie plot” that it makes you magnetic, it changes your DNA, it has tracker thing a ma bobs in it, it makes you whinny like a horse. However like trump said Covid is easily cured with a self injection of Lysol. Or like Trump said, it is going to disappear soon. Or like trump said it is not any worse than a cold. Or like trump said I developed the vaccine on my watch. I am sure trump has been as right all along cause somebody posted that on the internet and we all know everything on the internet is true??

  4. unvaccinated individuals are a detriment to the entire healthcare system…unvaccinated individuals are more likely to become severely ill, require more medical treatment, more hospital care and are more at risk of death…covid vaccines lessen the effects from viral infection and save lives

  5. Thank God Our state is finally standing up to the plate! We have another variant coming out of Africa and people still can’t figure it out. How many vaccines and boosts is it going to take for people to wake up!

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