City Accepting Applications for Retail Liquor License

(Photo Ron Richter ©)

In early September, the Sheridan City Council formed a committee to establish a process for awarding the additional retail liquor license the City received due to an increase in population that was reported in the 2020 Census. The three person committee included Councilors Jacob Martin, Shawn Day, and Steven Brantz. The committee was tasked with creating a resolution outlining the criteria and other requirements for those interested in applying for the additional retail liquor license. Councilman Day talks about the process they came up with for vetting the applicants.

Shawn Day

According to the resolution approved by the City Council, the selection will be conducted by a lottery after evaluating the applications for adherence to state statute and City ordinances. The deadline to apply for the retail liquor license is December 31st. Interested parties can apply through the City Clerk’s office. Application information can be found here.

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