Status Conference Held for Sheridan Man Charged With Theft

On August 31, 24-year-old Charles Albin of Sheridan pleaded not guilty by reason of mental impairment or deficiency to the charge of felony theft for stealing a Ford Expedition from a residence on Avoca Avenue in Sheridan. District Court Judge John Fenn ordered that a mental health evaluation be conducted by the Wyoming State Hospital.

The evaluation determined that with further treatment, there is substantial probability that Albin will regain competency.  Fenn, at a status hearing Tuesday in District Court,  followed the recommendation outlined in the evaluation and ordered that Albin be placed at the State Hospital for treatment. The placement includes a condition that the State Hospital submit a report to the Court on the defendant’s status every three months. All scheduled trial proceedings were suspended or vacated pending Albin’s placement and subsequent treatment at the State Hospital.

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