JCHC CEO on Effects of Vaccine Mandate

Johnson County Healthcare Center CEO Luke Senden is still concerned over the effects the federal government’s vaccine mandate may have on staff and ultimately the facility’s ability to care for patients.

During the hospital board’s most recent meeting, Senden discussed the issue with the board, saying although OSHA requirements have been suspended in order to be reviewed up to and including the supreme court, CMS, or the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, has come out with their own rules and regulations which will affect the healthcare center.

Senden said about 70 staff members attended the meetings, and so far he has accepted a handful of exemption requests as well as some resignations.

He said over the next few weeks there are going to be some difficult conversations and some hard choices concerning some staff members about the mandate, and that with some departments having none of the staff vaccinated, it could become a difficult situation for the healthcare center.

Overall, according to discussions, the facility has roughly 30% of their staff non-vaccinated at this time.

Staff has until December 5th to either file an exemption or get their first vaccine.

Senden said the JCHC will know more about where the facility stands with staff and the mandate at next month’s meeting.

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