Dr. Huson Predicts Comet will Destroy the Earth in 1911

The End Is Coming Says Dr. Huson The Earth Might Be Smashed Into Smithereens By The Rapidly Approaching Comets, was a headline in the Nov. 7, 1911 Sheridan Daily Enterprise. The Daily Enterprise this morning was in receipt of a communication from Dr. Huson of Clearmont,in which a prediction is made that the end of the earth will come in the near future when two comets which are rapidly traveling toward each other will collide either with the earth or each other, the impact in each case being sufficient to knock the world into smithereens.

Dr. Huson has practiced medicine in Johnson county for many years and is said to have given much thought to the subject of astronomy. Clearmont was originally named after Dr. Huson but in later years the people saw fit to change the name.

Dr. Huson predicted the end of the world at the time of the visitation of Halley’s comet eighteen months ago. He stated that the earth would become so tangled with the comet’s tail that every living thing on it would meet its doom.

The communication from Dr. Huson in full is as follows: Clearmont, Wyo, Nov. 5, 1911. To the Daily Enterprise, Sheridan, Wyo. Please publish this in your paper. What has become of the astronomers? Two comets are visible to the naked eye, one in the east and one in the west. It can be seen in the east at 5 o’clock in the morning, and not a word from our astronomers. Wake up.. you scientific men, and tell what of the sign of the times. I predicted these comets coming to the earth one year and seven months ago. They have no direct path of their own and are coming directly toward the earth. No planet to influence their course. Let the world wake up. DR. E. W. HUSON.

Huson house Clearmont Historical Group

The Sheridan Post, October 17, 1911 “Did you see a comet Tuesday evening?” asked A L. Cummlngs, the well known musician and tuner of pianos, yesterday “From Buffalo.” he continued, it could be plainly discerned I noticed it about 7 o’clock. Tuesday, probably twenty degrees above the western horizon, and heard many people in Buffalo speak of it. While the tail was not so plain as that of Halley’s Comet, it appeared to be of great length and the phenomenon attracted considerable attention in Johnson county.”

Basin Republican, October 27, 1911 Brooks Comet. Each morning now in the eastern sky a good view can be had of Brooks comet. To see it to the best advantage it should be observed just before dawn, as the tall can be seen more plainly than when the sky begins to light up. The comet is much larger than Halley’s comet, visible a year ago.

Brooks comet was discovered in July, 1911 by astronomer William Robert Brooks. It is notable being very bright and having a distinctive blue color. It was uniquely visible at the same time (mid October 1911) and in the same part of the sky as a second bright comet that had a bright golden-yellow appearance.

These were obviously the two comets that Huson saw, and felt they heralded the end of the world.

First Huson House Clearmont Historical Group

For generations, people have been fascinated by and at the same time feared comets. There are many myths about comets bringing doom and destruction in their wake.

In the 1st century A.D., Pliny the Elder believed that comets were connected with political unrest and death. He described the comet’s tails as “long hair” or “long beards.”

In the 11th century Halley’s Comet was believed to have foreshadowed the triumph of the Normans at the Battle of Hastings.

Halley’s comet is probably the best known comet. It has been observed and recorded by astronomers since around 240 BC. It becomes visible from earth to the naked eye about every 75 years, and is the only comet that is known to appear at regular intervals. It appeared in 1910, and again in 1986. In 1705, astronomer Edmond Halley understood that the appearances every 75 years were the same comet, so the comet now bears his name.

The Upton Newsletter, January 7, 1910, had a long article the return of Halley’s Comet. Waiting for the return of Halley’s Comet, after a lapse of over seventy-five years, is very much like waiting for a train. We know the track on which the train will speed toward us; but whether the train will be on time or not, we cannot know. We know the orbit of the comet but not the exact minute when it will swing around the sun…. Of all comets that have ever been discovered, Halley’s is the most important, because it is the most historical. It flashed upon the world when Egypt was young and when Greece was a wilderness inhabited by savages. Perhaps it will continue to return when mankind is old and decrepit, and the earth is entering that last tragic stage of its existence when it will be reduced to a cold, dead, desolate world….

The next time Halley’s Comet will come back near the earth will be in 2061, who knows what the earth will look like then?

In this article in the Sheridan Daily Enterprise on May 19, 1910 including clips from other papers nationwide.

Halley’s Comet Passed With No Demonstration. Noted scientists say great comet’s tail will not effect the earth’s peace

Foreigners Frightened. Chicago, May 19.In districts of Chicago populated by foreigners school children by the hundreds yesterday asked permission of their teachers to remain at home today for fear of some untoward happening for which Halley’s comet may be responsible. Physicians were appealed to by their patients for specifics to ward off the dangerous gases which they suppose will envelop the earth when it passes through the comet’s tail. Priests and ministers were besought by their parishioners for words of comfort to help them through the ordeal through which they believe they are about to pass.

Princeton, May 19. — The failure of the earth to plunge through the comet’s tail as expected last night, is believed by astronomers at Princeton university to be due to the pronounced curve the tail developed.

Williams Bay, Wis., May 19.-—Setting at variance all scientific figures and predictions and dumbfounding the astronomers at the Yerkes observatory here, the tail of Halley’s comet was plainly visible in the east just before daybreak today. No satisfactory explanation of the phenomena is offered. Three explanations have been suggested, however. First, the curvature of the tail may be greater than supposed; second, like the comet of 1903, Halley’s Comet may have a creased tail, and third, it is possible all calculations were wrong, and the comet has not yet passed the earth.

There were other concerns if the earth passed through the tail of Halley’s comet, as is evidenced by the Hulett Inter Mountain Globe, August 24, 1911

Prof. H Alfred Mitchell, In N. Y. World. Just about one year ago Halley’s comet was the great center of interest and night after night, in the early days of June. It was watched with pleasure by hundreds of thousands of people. And now, after one-seventy fifth of it’s journey about the sun has been run, the comet is still visible, not to the naked eye but through powerful telescopes. A few days ago Prof. K. P. Whitman, who holds the chair of astronomy at Western Reserve University, advanced the theory that Halley’s comet may have had something to do with the recent hot wave which stretched across the country. His theory is that part of the comet’s red hot, fiery tall was still cavorting about somewhere near Mother Earth and had increased the temperature abnormally all over the world.

Cometsare cosmic snowballs, made up of frozen gases, rock and dust. When a comet’s orbit brings it close to the sun, it heats up and the dust and gases form a tail, or a “beard” that stretches out behind the comet’s head for millions of miles.

The Upton Newsletter put it this way. The luminous tail which streams behind the nucleus, and which Milton regarded as “horrid hair” that “shakes pestilence and war,” is startling, to say the least.

After the comet was no longer visible, people began to relax.

In the Buffalo Bulletin on May 19, 1910 And here it is the 19th and the comet hasn’t hit us yet.

Why the fear? Why was Dr. Huson worried enough to send a letter to the newspaper warning people about the possible end of the world? Could it be, like some authors believe, that at one time before the written history of man, a comet did hit the earth, and cause a great catastrophe on earth.

Information board at the Old Huson House

In fact, new evidence found in sediments show that approximately 13,000 years ago, there may have been a massive explosion, possibly caused by a comet. This explosion was larger than the Tunguska event in Siberia in 1908, that kicked in a massive global cooling and caused the end to the Clovis culture in North America.

Is this somehow a part of our genetic memory? Perhaps, at one time, there was a reason to worry about Halley’s comet, or other comets. Who really knows?

But Dr Huson, Clearmont, Wyoming, predicted that the two comets would, indeed, bring about the end of the world in 1911.


  1. Great story. Thanks for sharing it. Doc Huson was my great grandfather. Amazing all the things he accomplished in his time with such little resources.

    • Uhhhhhhhhhhh. Wasn’t that a few years ago? I might be incorrect, but 2021 minus 1900(something) doesn’t add up

      • Yep they got their dates wrong they’re saying that Earth was supposed to end 1911 when we are sitting in 2021 I don’t know where these scientists get their math or their dates kind of idiotic for their date that they decided that we’re all supposed to die so scientists are actually wrong on their calculations now with that said I think they mean it’s supposed to end in 1000 900 11 years now if you take those numbers the 1911 that should give you a proximately the calculation they are actually talking about so this could be correct that we will die in 1911 years from now makes completely sense now I hope

        • Wot? Thsee people and articles are from 1911, 100 years. This is not a prediction article. It’s just covering what happened and what people were saying in the past….

  2. When will people realize God has control of the Earth and he fixed it in place for us to live on. No 300 MPH Winds, No Deadly Gas, No 3000 degree Temperature above or below Freezing. Wow do you really think ALL that is coincidence?

    • Out of the trillions of planets, the probability of any specific climate showing up is very high. Better to think, how could life not evolved somewhere? It did. Here.

    • Or, that we have evolved, by means of natural selection, to have adapted to our environment – whatever conditions that may bring – that’s what I realize.

    • And, yet – despite the lack of “300 MPH Winds”, “Deadly Gas”, or “3000 degree Temperature” – there are viruses that kill us, diseases that kill us, and tornados (far, above, 300 MPH winds), that kill us; all, on “God’s”, otherwise, perfect world.

    • Mosquitos, parasitic wasps, E coli, and more — think these are coincidents? Some folks consider these evidence that God is, but isn’t very nice.

    • The universe and all its workings is what God is. So all things is God, which is unlimited and incomprehensible by the limited mind of man. But u think God is a man, right.

    • Had to do a double take on the comment made by Steven Holmes. My late husband’s name (Stephen Holmes) , passed away in 2003.

    • There is NO “GOD/JESUS” they’re all FICTIONAL CHARACTERS that were made up for the sake of CONTROL!! 😳😳 There’s no heaven/hell/God/devil, if you believe in those entities then you may as well believe in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy etc. etc. because they’re ALL FAKE!There’s no such thing as hell either because after a person transitions (I don’t like to use the word die because we never really die) his/her spirit will transition into the next dimension. Hell is a place that was made up to scare people into doing the right thing (control). If you really think about it, a person can’t “burn in hell” because you can’t burn a spirit!! Trying to burn a spirit is like trying to burn a ghost….it’s IMPOSSIBLE! If “God” was so loving/caring etc.etc. then why would he allow his worshippers to 1. get cancer/incurable diseases 2. lose their job 3. lose their husband/wife/child 4. let their car get repossessed 5. let them get evicted from their house etc. etc?! 🤔🤔 If the person that I’m worshipping is supposed to be taking care of me & he’s allowing all of that to happen to me, then I would feel some type of way towards him! It’s 2021 & for the life of me I still don’t understand why people believe that 1. “God” was born from a virgin (artificial insemination wasn’t around back then) knowing good & well that’s impossible 2. He turned water into wine 🙄 3. He fed thousands of people with a few fish & some bread 😐 4. Walked on water 😂 (that makes me laugh everytime I hear it) etc. etc. If you can name a person ALIVE TODAY that can do ANY of those things then I’ll become a believer, but until then, you should dig deeper in your soul/spirit & try to figure out why it’s so hard to believe that “God/Jesus” is fake & NEVER existed….sad, but true!! 🤷🏾‍♀️ If you or anyone can answer this question then I’d greatly appreciate it! If “God/Jesus” was born from a virgin & he created the world then who created “God/Jesus” because people were supposedly already in existence BEFORE “God/Jesus” was born?! Things that make you go hhhhmmmm. 🤔 As long as you treat others the way that you want to be treated, live your life to the fullest, enjoy yourself/family/friends, stay away from negativity, get a Reiki treatment done monthly, cleanse your house with sage & palo santos regularly, stay away from meat/dairy (try an alkaline diet), keep thinking positive, say daily affirmations (I don’t use the word prayer) & keep the stress level down in your life…. you will be just fine! 😉😉 My life is great just the way that it is….free from brainwashing!! 😊😊

    • Ya’ll ever heard of a tornado or hurricane, or a volcano, or the numerous place the literally emit toxic gases???

  3. Heart story for he even to be part of the way right about a comet hitting earth before .I think he must have been a very smart man

  4. Funny, how, it’s, always, “Science”, that does the disproving of archaic belief systems.
    But, I’ve digressed long enough. I enjoyed the article, for its demonstration of the the progress we’ve made (yes, through science), over a relatively short period of time. Thanks, for publishing it!

  5. That is awesome. I’m sure you’re very honored to be his grandson. I do wish I would have pursued a career in this field.

  6. That’s 1911 but today the humans are the one thats going to put the world 🌎 in the brink of destruction the world Goverment and the leaders it self who think that their ways and thinking are the only way to save ourselves from destroying our ways of life what really the solution for world peace it’s a shame for all of us to loose this wonderful blue marble isn’t it

  7. What you should realize is that there is not one shred of evidence that anyting at all has evolved on this planet. Which means nothing ever has gained DNA to evolve from one thing to another .People don’t realize that because they don’t research anyting they just take whatever they hear as truth . Everything on the planet is unique and is exactly how it was created.

  8. While I am no scientist or have a doctorates degree, I am a very observant type of person and love to research ALL different things. I do have an education in a little college with certificates in Medical Office and a diploma in Animal Science, and funny how most people do not even realize just how close our anatomy is much like certain kinds of animal species. Just think about it. (Example- Our legs are pretty much the front legs of dogs, cats, horses and so on; our arms are their hind legs. Think along the mechanics of how our arms and legs function along with how their’s function as well. Pretty much the same way with some slight differences in bending at the joints.)
    With all of that being said and from what I have also read on Nostradamus and by doing some research as well, his predictions have either been spot on or just slightly off. I remember back as a teenager just out of the blue, without even have seeing the weather reports on any of the news stations, I predicted what the weather was going to be like for one week to my step-mother and I was spot on with it while the weather people were way off. We all have the ability to “see” certain futures at certain times in each of us and are sometimes off just a little bit; but the point of all this is that science has proven that at one point of time “Jesus” was in fact an actual man and he does have decendants that carries some of his DNA to this very day. So, it is very highly possible that there is very much a “God”/”higher power” that we can not physically feel but we can “see” his works through us. The Bible was written by man- but at the same instance it was also written by man in testimony of experiences and what was instructed by Jesus to write.
    Now science as been able to also prove that before homosapiens became homosapiens that there were other species of sapiens that have roamed the planet (earth) during the times of prehistoric dinosaurs and even before that. To this very day science is still studying a strand of DNA that they are calling a “ghost” strand that they are finding to be intertwining through different sapiens species and if they ever can find exactly where and what that strand comes from, most of us are gonna feel pretty silly, when that strand ends up being the one and only creator of ALL things and that will be who Jesus calls Father(God). WOW!!! Just think how mind blowing that is gonna be?
    Anyways, while Doc Huson tried to predict about the clashing of two comet’s to wipe out the earth, let’s take this into another view. His prediction is way way off by hundreds of years, but could it be possible for the event to happen? YES, it is very possible for it to happen. Look up what science has been finding out about not just the planets, but discovering other “galaxies” and that in our galaxy there is one planet that very well had supported some type of life way way before earth was fully formed. If it takes thousands of years for one particle of sand to attach to other sand particles to create what we know as sand stone, then who knows how long it took for ALL things to be formed?
    The one thing to keep in mind is that ALL things have a beginning and an ending, and vice versa. Just like for example, when you put out negative things(energy) you get negative back. Negative is negative and positive is positive. Negative will not make a positive and a positive will not make a negative. However, only by choice can a being turn a negative into a positive by changing thoughts, actions and energy. (This also works vice versa, too.)
    My deepest apologies for my comment being sooo long, but after reading the article and comments left before mine, I was very much inspired to write this and it was also laid upon my heart and mind to do so, because soo many forget that Jesus and His Disciples (or whatever you would like to call them) were also inspired and words laid upon their hearts and minds to write as well. (Yes, this would actually mean that the book of Genesis, is technically not the true beginning, because before anything could be created on earth, everything else including space and time had to be created and come from some kind of source.)

  9. Finally someone with a brain
    God’s got us covered don’t need any science junk help he made the whole thing

  10. Actually I don’t think or believe “GOD” is a man. I believe “GOD” is a woman and I don’t mean that in a blasphemouses way. As for the publishing about a comet hitting the earth? I don’t think a comet will hit the earth. I believe scientifically if a large enough comet entered Earth’s atmosphere it would throw Earth of its axis and wouldn’t have a chance to hit or collide in to earth because if earth was thrown off it’s axis we would explode in to a million pieces kinda like the beginning in which I believe is called “THE BIG BANG THEORY” Who knows ???

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