FDA approves Pfizer vaccine for 5 -11 year old children

The Associated Press reports that the Food and Drug Administration on Friday paved the way for children ages 5 to 11 to get Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

The FDA cleared kid-size doses — just a third of the amount given to teens and adults — for emergency use, and up to 28 million more American children could be eligible for vaccinations as early as next week.

Sheridan Memorial Hospital Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Addlesperger told Sheridan Media, it will now go onto the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As soon as Tuesday, advisers to the CDC will make more detailed recommendations on which youngsters should get vaccinated, with a final decision by the agency’s director expected shortly afterwards.

Dr. J. Addlesperger

The AP reports, with the FDA’s action, Pfizer plans to begin shipping millions of vials of the pediatric vaccine — in orange caps to avoid mix-ups with the purple-capped doses for everyone else — to doctors’ offices, pharmacies and other vaccination sites. Once the CDC issues its ruling, eligible kids will get two shots, three weeks apart.


  1. “We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it. That’s the way it goes.” – Dr. Ruben, FDA panelist. Think really long and hard about that comment.

      • Was that also an mRNA vaccine ray? No, it wasnt, because that tech never existed until now. Im also old enough to remember, and Ive probably had more vaccines in my life than you have. “Whos gonna take an untested experimental vaccine? I wont!” – biden

    • Mitigating the virus is a noble goal, however the vaccine is simply not capable of accomplishing that. The evidence is coming in all across the world that the vaccinated still contract and spread the virus, even in places where they have extremely high percentages of the population vaccinated. Even if America reached a 100% vaccination rate (which it won’t), the virus will not be eradicated. Forcing an untested vaccine on the people (let alone our children) when the long term effects are unknown is not a noble goal, it is pure evil…

  2. This vaxx thing has been a disaster from day one. Because trump created the vaxx with warp speed Biden/Harris openly said they didnt trust it. Fauci changed his mind each day yet love to be in the spotlight and have his rear end kissed by the lamestream media. And now dems are angry that some american dont want to vaxx? this is what happens when you politicize healthcare. Dems have no one to blame but their leadership (i use leadership loosely).

  3. It’s not a vaccine! Vaccines PREVENT INFECTION. This jab does not as proved by the many getting it after being “vaccinated”. Proved by biology and science.

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