Barrasso and Lummis Join Bill to Prohibit IRS Financial Surveillance

U.S. Senators John Barrasso and Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming joined Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina and other Republican members in introducing the “Prohibiting IRS Financial Surveillance Act.” Senator Barrasso says the bill will prevent the IRS from implementing the Biden administration’s plan to spy on the transactions of private and law-abiding Americans.

Senator Barrasso

Senator Lummis said through data breaches, targeting of conservative groups and other breaches of the public trust, the IRS has shown that it will seek to maximize its power whenever possible. The Biden Administration and Democrats in Congress have decided to weaponize the IRS to pay for their reckless tax and spending bill.


  1. Obama weaponized the govt. agencies against the American citizens, and it appears that biden is carrying on with that tradition (or obamas 3rd term). Biden should be impeached for just this alone, but unfortunately those that call themselves democrats, or as I refer to as stalinists, will stand solidly behind biden, as the federal microscope looms over Americas citizens while garland waits for the call to activate his FBI. I no longer recognize my country of over 60 years anymore, and its sad that laws need to be passed to protect citizens from what is becoming a despotic dictatorship. This isnt America, this is NOT who we are.

  2. Literacy skills matter- instead of genuflecting to your masters on Wall St. how about reading the actual bill?

  3. Funny how money grubber’s whine when they are in the line of sight.Most working stiffs really have nothing to hide…it is the greedy who hide their money offshore so as to avoid paying taxes.Their philosophy is to let dimwitted working folks pay, while rich people run this country and play Monopoly. Follow the money.

    • that was the most ridiculous thing i have ever read. You make the assumption citizens are ‘hiding’ something and we have to prove that we are not greedy. If the govt had evidence of someone breaking the law or hiding money then do it the right way–get a warrant and go after them. The problem is that dems have a problem telling the truth when going for warrants..Did you grow up in Russia or China perhaps?

          • I’ve read the Biden proposal as proven by your lame attempt at being snarky with the $600 comment, you have not. This is part of the propaganda being pedaled by Senator Lummox, and Dr. C- to prevent idiots from realizing that the current tax system is protecting their rich masters and killing the middle class. Obviously it fell on firtle ground with you.

  4. ah the Triggered O twins race to defend the indefensible…charming yet comical… shouldn’t everyone love an invasive govt? The twins are OK, you have to have 600 dollars to be concerned… nothing to see here

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