Governor Gordon: Biden’s Federal Overreach has Gone Too Far

Governor Mark Gordon announced today a two-pronged plan to combat the federal overreach of the Biden Administration in proposing to mandate vaccinations. The first step involves the Attorney General preparing for legal action to stop the Biden-announced vaccine mandate for private employers. Although the details of this proposed new federal requirement are not yet released, it is important that Wyoming be ready to respond promptly and forcefully when it is issued.

“We cannot sit on our hands just watching this egregious example of federal government overreach,” Governor Gordon said. “We are already communicating with other Governors and states to prepare legal options once emergency standards are issued.”

Governor Gordon also indicated the second part of this strategy involves initial discussions with legislative leadership regarding the potential for a very focused and limited special session of the Legislature. Should the need arise, a special session could occur as soon as October and would be solely devoted to a small number of bills aimed at addressing overreach with regard to COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

“I thank the Legislature and the people of Wyoming for the trust they have put in me,” Governor Gordon said. “Wyoming is a conservative state with a constitution designed to constrain the actions of government, so special sessions are meant to be very rare. They cost taxpayer money, so they should never be frivolous. That is why legislative leadership and I will work together to ensure any potential special session held to respond to vaccine mandates will be focused, effective, and efficient.”

The Biden Administration has yet to issue new emergency standards for vaccine mandates. Those are expected to be issued in the coming weeks by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Currently Wyoming runs a State Plan OSHA Program, which allows the State to manage and retain OSHA enforcement. If the state does not enforce the Biden Administration’s temporary standard, Wyoming’s ability to administer the program could be jeopardized.

“This is not a fire, ready, aim moment. We must be smart, thoughtful, and effective in the way we respond to these overreaching efforts by the Biden Administration. Responding prematurely is not in the best interests of Wyoming’s citizens or employers,” said Governor Gordon.

“Vaccines are an important tool that can help us to bring this pandemic under control. I am vaccinated myself and believe they are safe and effective. Nevertheless, I also understand others may have a different impression of the COVID-19 vaccine. In some cases, they are my neighbors and I respect their views just as I expect them to respect mine. This Biden mandate is counterproductive and will not convince anyone otherwise,” the Governor added.

“This matter should not go unanswered,” Senate President Dan Dockstader said. “We should explore every option. As we learn more about the specifics associated with these federal standards and vaccine mandates in general we can properly coordinate our response.”

“I am committed to working with my legislative colleagues and the Governor to ensure that as we consider a special session we are well-informed on the issues, judicious in our approach and the policy outcomes serve us well,” Speaker of the House Eric Barlow said.

Details on a potential special session will be finalized after the federal emergency standards are released and can be properly analyzed. If there is a need and ability for the Legislature to respond to the emergency standards, specific bills and the rules for the session will be drafted.


  1. Thank you ,Gov. It appears more and more that biden is becoming a fascist dictator.

    By the way, where are senators Lummis and Barrasso???

    • Why are the afghan refugees and those that are coming here illegally exempt from bidens dictates ray? Rep. Issa tried to proposed an amendment that would require the vaccine for foreign nationals in the U.S. who are seeking to adjust their immigration status to remain in the U.S…..but it was shot down by your democrats.

      So is the virus not what the fear mongers say it is?

      • AP
        “White House officials confirmed to the Associated Press on Friday that a mass COVID-19 vaccination site has been set up near Dulles International Airport in Virginia, where the majority of fleeing Afghans have started to arrive in the US.

        The site was organized by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and has already begun administering vaccinations to the evacuees, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed.”

        You are just making things up, again, Jones. You have no credibility, and do nothing to bring America together, as you rant about. Shameful.

        • WPR
          “Federal officials have stopped bringing Afghan evacuees to Fort McCoy and other domestic military bases after identifying several cases of measles.

          A senior United States government official told reporters Tuesday there have been six diagnosed cases of the measles among Afghans who have arrived in the U.S.

          The official said they were already watching for measles before the first case was reported because there is a high level of measles transmission in Afghanistan.

          “When the first confirmed case came back, we took measures to stop the flights. This helped us then be able to contact trace, to put measures in place to isolate individuals,” the official said during the briefing.

          The paused flights are from bases overseas where Afghans are being vetted.

          One of the confirmed cases was at Fort McCoy in western Wisconsin. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports no other evacuees have been diagnosed with the measles and there are around 12,500 people living at the base.

          The senior government official told reporters they are working to “aggressively” vaccinate all evacuees against the measles, which is a required vaccine for immigrants to the U.S. Officials expect to have everyone vaccinated by the end of the weekend.

          The official said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued guidance on how long the affected evacuees will need to quarantine, and local CDC teams are stationed at each military base to help with disease surveillance.”

          6 cases out of 12,500 people. We had 20 times more covid cases, just in Sheridan over the last 2 weeks, but you’re ok with that.
          I imagine you’d be at Fort McCoy protesting the Measles vaccinations, if you were old enough to drive
          I am not a Dem or a Repub, I’m a thinking American. You should try it.

      • What has this to do with the fact that Gordan,who ran as a moderate, is now running hard to the right to avoid being called a RHINO by the crazy caucus in Cheyenne. It isn’t just Chenny that they plan to take out with their sudden highest priority focus on election reform.

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