Three Candidates Drop Out Of Wyoming U.S. House Race

A Wyoming state legislator is no longer among the Republicans challenging Liz Cheney in 2022.

Republicans should unite to defeat Cheney, state Rep. Chuck Gray, of Casper, said in a statement suspending his campaign Tuesday (September 14th).

Former President Donald Trump last week endorsed Cheyenne lawyer Harriet Hageman in the Republican U.S. House primary.

Cheney reacted to the endorsement by saying, “Bring it.”

Gray was among more than half a dozen Republicans to challenge Cheney for her vote to impeach Trump for the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Gray is the third candidate, after Cheyenne attorney Darin Smith and Sheridan County Republican Party Chairman Bryan Miller, to suspend or end their campaigns after Trump’s endorsement of Hageman.

Those still in the race include state Sen. Anthony Bouchard, of Cheyenne, and retired U.S. Army Col. Denton Knapp, of Gillette.


  1. Great news! Now if the others will follow suit, I think that will spell the end of Cheney’s “service” to the people of Wyoming. Knowing Harriett Hageman as I do, I relish the thought of a two-person race and the fantastic debates that would produce. Cheney’s “bring it” is typical RINO woof-woof hype. In old-time football parlance, Cheney couldn’t carry Hageman’s cleats! Please, Brochard and Knapp — put your egos away and get with the program. Cheney has to go and your recalcitrance isn’t helping us to achieve that goal.

    • “Ol’ California Charlie,” didn’t everybody but a dead pony beat Hageman, when she ran for Governor? Liz, and out of state money, will crush her.

      • That would be “California escapee,” to you, sir. I seem to recall Harriett’s finishing third in the governor race. But that’s irrelevant because everybody and his brother and his brother’s pals were running! And that’s why Gordon won the primary with a whopping 30% of the vote. Very impressive! And THAT is the very reason I think rational Republicans should put away their ego hats and join in a coordinated effort to defeat RINO Liz and her out-of-state deep pocketed pals. As to Liz “crushing” Harriett, jot that down and read it to yourself during the debates. Tin Ear Lizzie is way overmatched in a two-way contest which many, many of us are hoping for.

  2. Buying her seat that’s how Wyoming and this country operates no wonder regular voters don’t believe in elections!!!

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