Animal Ordinance Addressed by Council at Study Session

(Photo Ron Richter ©)

The Sheridan City Council at a study session Monday night addressed proposed amendments to an ordinance pertaining to animals within the City. Sheridan Media’s Ron Richter has the details.

Animal Ordinance Addressed by Council at Study Session

At their first regularly scheduled meeting in August, the Council approved first reading of an ordinance that clarifies the enforcement issues that the City has had under the current code for animals at large, aggressive animals, and cruelty/neglect of animals. Councilor Jacob Martin introduced an amendment that was ultimately approved by the Council that declared cat declawing as animal cruelty and that the procedure could only be performed in the City if medically necessary.

At their business meeting on Monday, August 15, the Council voted to table second reading of the animal ordinance. At Monday night’s study session, the Council received an update from City Attorney Brendon Kerns on amendments to the ordinance, one in particular that removes the declawing prohibition. Councilman Martin responded to concerns about the declawing prohibition that were brought forth by Councilor Steve Brantz.

Jacob Martin

Councilwoman Kristen Jennings said she’s opposed to the declawing prohibition and the animal ordinance in general.

Kristen Jennings

The Council is expected to officially consider second reading of the animal ordinance at their business meeting this upcoming Monday night.

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edward capp
2 days ago

Mr. Martin, this is not a City Council issue.

The taxpayers voted, and paying you to focus on issues that matter.

Please keep your PERSONAL agenda out of the council. If you can’t resist,
please resign immediately.

The leader of an animal rights group may be a better fit for you.

Ezra Petersen
2 days ago
Reply to  edward capp

There are other entities that ban declawing cats. There are caps you can get for the claws to prevent damage, Edward Capp. Personal agendas and overarching government rule are coming. There isn’t much use fighting it. Every facet of your existence will someday be controlled and that day is coming soon. Younger people have grown up on a leash and as all those that futilely fight it die off more and more intrusion into your everyday life will not only happen, it will be wanted by most.