UW President on ‘World Needs More Cowboys’ Campaign

The University of Wyoming held the latest “The World Needs More Cowboys” event at the Cowboy Carousel Center in Buffalo Monday night, and UW President Ed Seidel spoke with Sheridan Media on a number of topics, including the importance of the recruiting effort for the university.

The campaign is a recruiting tool for the university, to get Wyoming high school students interested in the University of Wyoming, as opposed to going elsewhere for their higher education.

Seidel said he doesn’t believe there are more students leaving the state now than in past.

“The World Needs More Cowboys” events have been ongoing for the past year, and there are a few remaining on the schedule.

Once those events have happened, the university will have visited every county in the state with the recruitment effort.

We will have more from our conversation with UW President Ed Seidel in upcoming stories.

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