Sheridan County School District #1 Brings Back Mask Mandate

Kevin Koile - Sheridan Media

Just like School District #2, students in Sheridan County School District #1 will have to have their masks on for a while.

By a 4-to-1 vote, the District #1 Board of Trustees have implemented a mask policy during school and at indoor events starting this coming Tuesday (September 7th).

Trustee Mercedes Biteman cast the lone no vote.

At the special meeting, Superintendent Pete Kilbride said he wants to keep the schools open, hence that’s why he recommended to the board the issue should pass.

SCSD#1 Superintendent Pete Kilbride

“Just 4 days into the school year, we’ve had 10 cases of COVID, and 30 additional people quarantined as a result of close contact. Today we have 15 positive cases and 48 quarantines for 63 kids out of school.”

One person who spoke for the mask mandate says it’s not just protecting those in the school building, but rather the community.

“We can enjoy their band concerts, we can enjoy going to the sports games without having to cap saying there can be 50 people. We are wanting to enjoy all of this while our children are young.”

Of those who spoke against the mask mandate one said the board should not be the ones to make the decision.

“It wasn’t supposed to be laid at your feet. We are here to say you do not need to take the burden of making this decision for our children. We will do it and it can be on our conscience if something happens to our children.”

Another says masks don’t work and if some parents want to pull their kids out of school because of the mandate, they will.

“Us as families, we don’t need a socialized school system, we can do it on our own. We can all network together and we can all put this together. We want our children to be in school, we want our education to be the way it is. You guys made choices to remove the masks last year, all of sudden you’re back to them? Too much up and down, too many red flags.”

Superintendent Kilbride said the issue will be re-evaluated every two weeks.

He adds if there’s a change in quarantine rules allowing for a close contact person to remain in school provided that person was wearing a mask when he/she got labeled as a close contact person, then the board should be allowed to lift the mask mandate immediately.

Speaking with all school superintendents on September 1st, Governor Mark Gordon says he will not issue a state-wide mask mandate, and leave the decision up to the various local leaders.


  1. Thank you Mercedes, these mask mandates are never going away. Parents need to get their kids out of the govt. school system.

  2. We will be forever masked by foolish people!! Masking has no scientific proof of effectiveness!! Stop holding us hostage !

    • The verbal tug of war needs to end and let the Covid 19 cull proceed. If you choose not to protect yourself and disrespect the safety of educators,citizens and health care worker’s then you should be denied medical treatment and be allowed to suffer the horrible consequences of your choice and the delusional reality that you stance is pro death not pro life….#chroniclesfromthedumbroom

  3. The only reason these foolish board members are doing these mask mandates is to cowtow to feds for the funding they want to squander as parents still pay for needs in classrooms! Where’s all the $$$$ going you all need to be accountable!! No Masks!Enough already ..

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