Sheridan has 190 active cases in the community, SMH staff struggle to remain positive

In the last 24 hours, Sheridan County has added another 22 lab confirmed positive cases to the total of 2,960 total lab confirmed cases in the county since the pandemic began. 

Sheridan has 130 positive lab confirmed cases active in the community and 60 probable cases. The term “lab confirmed” refers to cases tested using the PCR test. The term “probable” refers to individuals tested using the antigen test. Due to the increased chance of a false-negative in the antigen tests, the Wyoming Department of Health does not recognize these as “lab confirmed.” In some cases, a doctor may follow-up with a PCR test if they feel it is appropriate.

Currently 12 Sheridan County residents are hospitalized suffering from the virus. Thirty-three Sheridan County residents have died from COVID-19.   

Over the weekend, Sheridan Memorial Hospital experienced an influx of COVID-19 patients requiring care. This resulted in patients needing care for other illnesses and conditions having to be sent to other hospitals in the region. But those were full of COVID-19 patients. Recently, with the Intensive Care Unit at full capacity, Sheridan Memorial was forced to board ICU patients in the Emergency Department. 

This is not an acceptable standard of care and certainly not a sustainable standard of care according to Sheridan Memorial Chief Executive Officer Mike McCafferty. Hospitals all over the region and the nation are facing similar situations. 

This has left SMH in a compromising situation. In one case, a patient suffering from a life-threatening neurological situation required a higher level of care than SMH is able to currently provide. In better times, a transfer would have been an easy and quick procedure. But the hospital in Billings, MT. was full and it took a great effort by the team at SMH to convince Billing’s hospital to accept the patient even though doing so put the Billing’s hospital above their capacity. 

In another recent situation, a patient required care but hospitals are full from within and beyond the region. Dr. Ian Hunter had to transfer the patient to as far away as Seattle, WA. to receive care.  

M. McCafferty

With the surges of hospitalizations due to COVID-19, the surges of residents seeking testing, (up to a hundred in a single day) and the inability to provide the proper care needed to residents suffering from ailments and injuries other than COVID-19, staff are exhausted.  

As misinformation and anti-vaccination campaigns rage an information war on the healthcare system, doctors and nurses are working long hours, enduring stressful and sometimes heartbreaking situations to keep up with the demand, all the while having their training and expertise not only questioned but outright disbelieved. Staff are becoming demoralized.

Sheridan Memorial Hospital Dr. Kristopher Schamber has been on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19. 

Dr. K. Schamber

The duties performed by SMH staff on a typical day are difficult, now COVID-19 has begun to drain the staff and the standard of support and patient care the hospital is nationally known to regularly provide.   

Dr. K. Schamber

The CDC lists Sheridan County’s level of community transmission as HIGH. As of Aug. 30, the Wyoming Department of Health lists Sheridan County’s level of vaccination at 37.6%.


  1. Thank you for this story. Our health care workers are struggling and need our support. This is a public health crisis, not a political crusade.


  3. I’m sorry for the patients and I’m sorry the hospital staff feels unappreciated, but it’s not my 6 yr old’s burden to carry. Unmask our kids!

    • I’m sorry your child has such a ‘burden” to carry…school districts across the country are attempting to slow down the spread of the delta variant and keep schools open so kids like yours grow up to be smarter than their parents and make wiser choices in life…sic

      • You have that right. I am a retired RN and feel for our medical staff..stressed and overworked. This is not only physically taxing but emotionally as well. Anything people can do to slow and limit the spread of this it. Masking, handwashing and distancing as well as getting vaccinated. If you care about our kids 12 and under, you should do whatever it takes to protect the community.

    • Obviously you’re not sorry if you’re not willing to help these people, did you even read the article? Check out paragraph 9. Do you know what happens when a hospital is overwhelmed? PEOPLE DIE WHO WOULD OTHERWISE HAVE LIVED. And do you know WHY the hospital is overwhelmed? BECAUSE PEOPLE REFUSE TO WEAR MASKS.

      Sam, the staff doesn’t feel “unappreciated.” I know, my wife works in the ICU/ED. They’re understaffed, working mandatory overtime, and exposing themselves and their families to disease on a daily basis to save the lives of people like you and me. If all we need to do to help them is wear a mask, then we wear a mask. That goes for our children to. Because the second it’s time for you to be a patient and you have to wait for 12+ hours for care (assuming they can even take you), you’re not going to be all fired up about your mask campaign anymore.

    • No one wants your 6 year old to become ill either! My 7 grandchildren are happy to wear masks so that they will be able to go back to school. If the numbers increase too much, they will be at home again!

      • I’m ok with my 6 yr old becoming ill, he’ll be just fine. That’s my choice as a parent. I’m not ok with the long term effects of wearing a mask day in day out. Let me make my own decisions about my child’s health and we can be friends.

    • No it’s yours. Did you get vaccinated? Then thank you. If not then you helped facilitate this problem to some degree.

    • A Six-year-old is certainly too young to be burdened with any sort of civic responsibility. Maybe when he is fifty?

  4. Can’t even express how grateful we are for our healthcare workers! Support our healthcare workers, wear your masks, and let’s save some lives.

  5. We don’t have smallpox worldwide and have eradicated polio with vaccines that were unapproved and taken by people in my generation. These were two deadly and debilitating diseases. To refuse this vaccine is nothing more then selfish and self righteous. Taking the vaccine is actually the American thing to do! We have a history of taking care of each other in a crisis. When I hear people say it’s my body, my freedom, my choice; how are you any different from those who are pro choice. If you’re not in healthcare you have no idea what this is doing. Don’t be stupid! Line up, roll up your sleeve and be an American who cares about their fellow human. We laude our heros in the military who are vaccinated for everything known to man. They make that sacrifice for us. Be a hero, Get vaccinated! Maybe if you do this we can safely take those masks off our children someday.

    • Hmmmm. Were those vaccines mRNA types too? No, they weren’t, because these vaccines are the first of their type.

      “Who’s gonna take an untested experimental vaccine? I wont!”

      ~ Joe Biden, less than a year ago.

      I guess he was selfish too.

      BTW, whatever happened to “14 days to flatten the curve”?

    • How about informed consent first on these EUA vaccines that haven’t been through their complete trials first.

  6. I am very thankful for the years of education each of our medical staff endured to be the very best they can be to care for all of us. I was at the doctor’s office last week and those folks are tired and upset that so many are ignoring and resisting the simple request to wear a mask and get a shot that will save countless people. I want all of SCMH to know that they are appreciated and many of us wish we could DO something to ease their burden. IF there is something just get the word out and many, many of us will show up – safely – to do it!

  7. Thank you for caring for our community. May God bless you with the endurance to do your work in the face of such adversity. Also, a huge positive shout-out to Sheridan County School District #2 for the school mask mandate. Nothing is more important than the safety of our children. I appreciate you listening to Sheridan Memorial Hospital expertise.

  8. Not to make light of the current circumstances but to share the mixed messages everyone is feeling, the fear mongering is absurd. We are still very much in the experimental stages of understanding the viruses, the vaccines, and the treatments. Oh! Treatments! What kind of treatments does the hospital provide?

    • The hospital would do the best they could, obviously….but any COVID specific treatments like monoclonal antibody drips are also still considered experimental. It seems some are reticent to get an ‘experimental vaccine’ but really want an experimental treatment once they fall ill.

      I am sorry that hearing what’s going on at the hospital makes you feel fearful, but I certainly don’t think the hospital releasing factual information about their status is fear-mongering. At this point, it seems folks that need care and do not have COVID could potentially not get care. That’s a problem we all should do our part to help alleviate.

  9. The hospital has done a fantastic job! Only one person has died since March, due to the care of SMH staff……….. Thank-You!

  10. Wow, I’m very concerned and disappointed that people are refuse to educate themselves and only want to listen to what they are being told. So let’s start with masks. Do we wear a masks with the common cold or flu, no we don’t. If people would do their research where where there isn’t any censorship going they would find so many studies that masks don’t work. If actually YouTube a verologist in a lab work with Corona virus you will see them in a full suit, not a dinky little mask. My second point, if people continue to educate themselves. In the 2005 study that our wonderful fraud flip flop Dr. Fauci did on Sars Covi 1 Hydroxychloroquin was the most effective treatment. People understand coronvirus has been around since 1965. These doctors here at Sheridan hospital can choose to to use Hydroxychloroquin, and Ivermectin, but they choose not too. It’s all about the money. The more covid patients they have, the more money they get and that’s FACT. Next is the PCR test, there again people should really just get educated. That test can’t tell the difference between the flu and covid. That is why the FDA has come and said by late fall they will no longer be able to use it. So ask yourselves how educated are you really? Is sad that people are sick? Yes it is, however if they would use the proper treatment this crap wouldn’t be happening. So how much longer are people going to let crap continue to go on before they stand up and say something, that’s my question?

    • Sounds like you only heard what you want to hear. Talk to your doctor, and don’t darken the door of SMH, when you get sick. You’re a phony.

      • Actually I heard everything, and I am very true. I feel very sorry for the people who refuse to self educate themselves and have chosen to believe only what’s being told to them. People refuse to think for themselves now days and they will be own self destruction. It’s actually really sad. This is America land of free thinking, not what your told to think.

        • I had Covid-19 in November, so I will not be getting the vaccine, I wasn’t going to get it anyway. I live in Casper and they are saying that the hospital is full. I was in the hospital before covid-19 was around and I had to go to the pediatric care unit because they didn’t have any other beds available. I’m 65 years old. It seems like they are always full so I don’t know why I should believe it’s from covid-19.

    • Taking an intestinal medication for deworming dogs and horses to cure a virus? Man that some crazy talk. The two are unrelated. Who ever came up with this treatment failed HS biology.I’ll bet the poison control center phones in states where people ascribe to this voodoo are ringing off the hook.

    • Jennifer, My wife and I did our research when Covid first hit. I want to let you know that we learned what you have learned and we agree with every point you make. There is a fear narrative created and now being maintained by most main stream media. Because of the deception and lies of MSM, the CDC, WHO, AMA, etc., we now have lost complete trust in their guidance and the advice they offer. Both the vaccine and wearing masks actually cause many health issues and health risks which ultimately result in profits for Big Pharma and some hospitals. Sad but true. It is difficult to believe the corruption in all of this because of greed. There are many trustworthy alternative sources to learn the truth concerning Covid, sources with actual, real facts from scientific data. It would be good to ask why dissenting scientific research and discovery from reputable scientists and doctors is being suppressed and/or attacked so harshly. I believe in time the truth will be exposed. In the meantime, no forced masks or vaccines.

    • How dangerous your statement is. I am on Hydroxychloroquin IT DOES NOT WORK. This is so disrespectful to the 9 million doctors, the 18 million nurses world wide that are actively trying to stop this virus. To disrespect the education of these doctors, scientists, infectious disease specialist and chemist who take a oath for the prevention of disease and to care and treat patients, is awful. I applaud you for educating yourself but PLEASE don’t purchase your treatment from Tractor Supply. It’s not FDA certified.

      • You obviously haven’t done your research have you, and hopefully they put few other things than just Hydroxychloroquin. However people should do there own research not spoonfed. They are already spoonfed the lies being told to them and they so stupidity believe them. Like I said before the hospital needs to present their facts to the public to see how truthful they are. I bet not so much.

  11. First and foremost. Thanks to our health care workers for having to deal with the decisions of others not to vaccinate. The handle it professionally. It is a personal choice not to vaccinate, but make no mistake, it affects alot more than just the person who made that decision.
    Furthermore, it does not seem right that:
    “Over the weekend, Sheridan Memorial Hospital experienced an influx of COVID-19 patients requiring care. This resulted in patients needing care for other illnesses and conditions having to be sent to other hospitals in the region”.

    At this juncture, hospitalized individuals that made the choice not to be vaccinated should not displace other patients. It is not the other patients fault and they should not bear the consequences. As for masking…. it really is a gross exaggeration to call wearing a light weight paper medical mask a burden. That sort of term

  12. How about the hospital provide documentation for exactly what is misleading information along with the information from the CDC to the public for everyone to see. If their information can’t be refuted then I guess we won’t have an issue, but I would bet anyone a $1000.00 they won’t do that and their information isn’t correct. Put your money where mouth is.

    • Why don’t you. List your medical education history, so we can determine you know what you’re talking about, or just full of it.

      • Since the hospital is calling it misinformation and a propaganda campaign they get to go first. I have all my facts ready to go and can put my money where mouth is. Second point a person doesn’t necessarily need a back ground in Healthcare to have common sense and think for themselves to do research. However I do a Healthcare back ground along with common sense, and can think for myself to do research.

  13. Sorry that the hospital staff feels overwhelmed; I appreciate your hard work. However, this overwhelmed feeling has mainly resulted in the Sheridan Memorial Hospital approach in business. The last I’ve known, yesterday, the hospital has 25 beds, with less than 1/2 occupied. None of the patients were 18 and younger.

    What about the lack of faculty; could this be the result of of being overwhelmed?

    So, yes, the story written by Sherdian Media showed 12 occupied patients. Which holds to be accurate, except for the fear and miss information added to the story.

    Everyone else has the COVID-19 but is at home. Not the hospitals problem.

    Let’s start doing better articles. Is this the expectation of reporting when the business was handed over to the employee two years ago? I don’t think so, and you should be a little bit embarrassed.

    • Also, don’t separate Wyoming folks by your push of news. Your not CNN or Fox News; you’re a local media.

      Wyoming is strong with the truth. I love Sheridan and Wyoming; however, pushing faults portrayals of what’s happening in our community is wrong.

      Bob should be embarrassed by his columnists, and because of his reporters, I won’t advertise with his media.

      This style of reporting is happening more frequently. It’s time to heal Wyoming and not place false fear in the community. Don’t stretch the story.

      “During the meeting, the boardroom had to be cleared due to outbursts by parents opposing the mask mandate.”

      Issues: It did not happen. I was there.

      Example: “Such debates are occurring all over the nation, putting more stress on board members who must make the decisions. According to an Associated Press story concerning the resignation of school board members all over the U.S., a Nevada school board member said he had thoughts of suicide before stepping down amid threats and harassment. In Virginia, a board member resigned over what she saw as politics driving decisions on masks. The vitriol at board meetings in Wisconsin had one member fearing he would find his tires slashed”.

      Issues: Wasn’t what happened on Monday a big enough story. Over 3/4 of the story related to other states. None of this happened in Sheridan.

      How can Sheridan comprehend what you’re saying to be the truth?

  14. Remember these self righteous, self-centered, grossly Stupid People that Will-not, Refuse, Disobey, COMMON-SENSE !
    Remember their Names !

    Their mindsets CREATE danger in OUR communities. These people have Malicious Mindsets that will harm us and they just don’t care. There is no Empathy or Sympathy, Care or Concern whatsoever.

    Mindsets that just don’t Care About other’s and willingly put you at risks of Severe long-lasting illness & suffering and they just don’t Care if their Mindset’s leads to other’s dying.

    Remember these people and their mindsets. See if these mindsets are your neighbor & if they are then KNOW they have no REAL Empathy to Emphasize Sympathy & Care & Concern for you that lives next door.

    Mindsets that have NO care or concern for others but DEMAND
    Empathy-Sympathy-Care & Concern when they fall ill.

    Yes, they demand of us what they REFUSE to offer others.

    These mindsets Don’t Care About our Community.

    These Mindsets do not CARE about little-kids, Families, The Elderly.

    If there is the slightest possible possibility that wearing a CHEAP mask could & would stop that one little droplet of virus coughed at you or that was sneezed/coughed around you from getting to you, why not wear it. If you sneeze/cough around others & are infected but don’t know it wouldn’t you try to protect any little-kids, Families, The Elderly around you while you are inside of Albertsons, Ridely’s, Walgreens, Walmart ?

    People, there is a Fungus among us and it is those mindsets that DEMAND Empathy-Sympathy, Care & Concern from others but have NONE for others as their mindsets believe at the Core of their Souls that requiring Empathy & Sympathy Care & Concern to wear a mask to help protect their neighborhood is a full frontal attack on their Constitutional Rights or even worse because it’s a Republican /Democrat thing or George Soros , New World Order, Illuminati Conspiracy or Other World Alien influence Invasion.

    What it is, what it really is…
    It’s a fungus among us MINDSET.

    • Maybe you should start doing your own research and homework instead of listening to what’s being told to you. Have some common sense and think for yourself. If you do own research you will find they have done studies on Ivermectin to treat covid and cancer. People shouldn’t have to spoonfeed you.

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