Gillette College Vote Looms

Campbell County voters will head to the polls Tuesday (August 17th), to decide if Gillette College will be its own district, or stay with Sheridan College.

About one year ago, the Campbell County Commissioners submitted an application to the Wyoming Community College commission to create the Gillette Community College District.

Currently Gillette College is part of the Northern Wyoming Community College District, which includes Sheridan College, and receives funding from that district.

The application was approved by the commission and the Wyoming legislature, and according to law, it’s up to the Campbell County voters to decide the issue.

Northern Wyoming Community College President Doctor Walter Tribley says if the issue passes, there will be no hard feelings towards the new district.

Dr. Walter Tribley

“We’re anticipating the need to be very supportive and helpful, but this time next year, that new board would be implementing that first full year’s budget and we’ll understand more about what our financial realities are. So there’s so many uncertainties between now and then.”

If voters approve the issue, it will be a few years before Gillette College can be its own district.

While the transition is going on, the Northern Wyoming Community College District will continue to receive the allocation funding from the Wyoming Community College commission, until Gillette College can become an accredited institution.

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