Public Hearings Coming on Turkey Lane Parking Lot Issue

Public hearings to gather input on the issue with the parking lot on Turkey Lane for access to the Buffalo Trails System will be scheduled in the near future, according to discussions from the Buffalo City Council meeting Tuesday evening.

Residents on Turkey Lane are fed up with after hours noise, traffic, speeding, and what many believe are questionable activities happening at the parking area in their neighborhood, and brought the issue to the attention of the city council at their meeting July 6th, saying they want to see the parking area moved elsewhere, but are willing to allow foot and bicycle access to the trail system.

Buffalo Mayor Shane Schrader, during Tuesday’s meeting, explained what has happened since then.

Jason Camino, a user of the walking path system, said he is concerned with the negative activities, but said he didn’t want “a few residents (to) dictate what to do with a city-owned property,” meaning the trailhead at Turkey Lane.

Although the land the parking area sits on and the trail system are city-owned, Turkey Lane is a privately-owned road that the city has an easement on, but the general public does not, which is the root of the problem, according to residents there.

Public meetings will be advertised when they are scheduled to gather input from community members.


  1. Jason Camino doesn’t want a few residents to dictate what occurs on city property (trailhead)? Doesn’t Jason Camino realize that he is using a PRIVATE ROAD to access that trailhead? The same private road that is maintained not by the city, but by the residents who own that road? Does Jason Camino realize that permission was never granted by the residents of Turkey Lane to share their private road which was only to be used by residents, and guests of those residents according to the easement? This is no different than using Jason Camino’s (or anyone else’s) private property, yard, or driveway without his permission, and letting the public use it freely (while Jason Camino provides upkeep and maintenance) to gain access to a little area the city calls their own, And no different than a private, gated community being forced to allow public access because it’s a quicker route to a public lake. This is NOT a public issue for public input. This is a city, and residents of Turkey Lane (who own Turkey Lane) issue!

    • Todd Flyer your arguments don’t make any sense. The article states public hearings before the city council are going to be scheduled about this issue. So how is it not a public issue for public input ? City council does not meet to discuss things without public involvement unless it’s an issue that falls under executive session, and this issue certainly does not. And what do you do to maintain this road? Most developers create a “private” drive to call a dirt strip a roadway thus avoiding meeting standards on curbing, drainage, grade and on and on. Is Turkey Drive your little dirt strip Todd? Is it in your name or some homeowners association that was likely haphazardly created like most are. I’ve never heard of it but I’m gonna go check out this trail now. Your argument doesn’t fly Todd.

      • First of all, it’s not Turkey Drive, it’s Turkey Lane, and I would imagine that the residents who own it don’t care whether it’s a dirt path, a rock road, or high end pavement meeting all of the latest technological standards. Private property is private property, and this private drive is for the residents and guests of those residents only – not for public use – so says the easement. Thus, this issue should only involve the property owners, and the city. You have a good day on the trail, and please don’t fall victim to such a haphazardly created private roadway while you are using it for such convenient access to the trail. Enjoy!

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