Longmire Days Announces Changes for 2021

The upcoming Longmire Days 2021 celebration will be happening, but with some necessary changes announced by the Longmire Days Foundation.

According to a release, the foundation announced that Actors Robert Taylor, Katee Sackhoff, Adam Bartley, Bailey Chase, Louanne Stephens, and A. Martinez will be unable to attend this year’s celebration, but will be part of online and live streamed events.

In the release, the foundation said, “Longmire Days 2021 will move forward as a smaller-scale event making this year an homage to the very first Longmire Day in 2012 when (Longmire author) Craig (Johnson) sat out in front of the Occidental, under the shade of an umbrella, and signed books for the fans.”

The release went on to say that Buffalo, aka Durant, will be “All Longmire, All Over Town” for Labor Day Weekend 2021.

Once the schedule of the weekend’s events and activities are finalized, including online offerings, they will share them with everyone.

The Foundation will be offering refunds for General Admission tickets (minus ticket fees), but those still coming to Buffalo will need general admission tickets to purchase live event tickets during the weekend. If you would like a refund, reply to the e-mail on the ticket and request a refund.

Plans for the weekend include Q&A sessions, book signings, the 5k run, a rodeo, and the popular Longmire Days Street Dance.


  1. I have watched every episode of LONGMIRE I just love Robert Taylor and all the other characters they make it so believable love the just wish it could have continued

  2. Longmire is one of my absolute favorite shows! I hate it when they take a good show that can be family oriented off the air and put some other crap on! Please, Let’s continue Longmire with the same actors and actresses! It was left hanging with a lot of perfect storylines that need continued!!

    • You are right! Did Candy win the election for Sheriff? What will Longmire do for the town? What about the other characters?

      • I’m guessing you have not seen it all yet or you would not ask that question…I’m not going to spoil it….just know it’s good

      • Am I missing something?? What do you mean by …did candy win sheriff?? Last I saw longmire and deputy kissed. She was preg shot end of show..am I wrong??

        • I think what she was saying is how it was left off… so that we can see that story line continues and we see the Election results, and how things turn out for Walt & Vic… and let’s not leave off how Henry does with the Casino… and we must not leave off Ferg & his love life!

    • I agree💯💯💯❣
      It needs to be continued!
      N on the same actors n actresses 💯💯💯💯❣

  3. I don’t know what it is that keeps me coming back for more! I do like Taylors’ smarts and ruggedness and good faith approach!

  4. Love, love , Longmire!! Please have more seasons of this great show. I have watched reruns again and again. Great actors, all of them!

  5. My wife and I loved the show. We have watched reruns 5 times. We wish they would make more shows. Great cast!

  6. I watched Longmire every Monday Eve. Am very disappointed that it will go off the air. Love that show

  7. Could there be a better saga than “Longmire?” One of the best story lines ever. Great writing skills and awesome actors. All of them are wonderful! Come back please with another season. 😊👍

  8. Netflix should renew the show with Cady becoming the new Sheriff of Absaroka County as it showed her running for Sheriff in the last episode of season 6.

  9. I resisted watching this show cuz i thought it was just an old western but it turned into one of my fave shows. I miss it.

    • I just love love love this show! I’m now watching reruns, which I NEVER EVER do! Please make an old lady happy and bring this show back!

  10. One of the most engaging shows ever! Nothing would make a whole bunch of people happier than to see new seasons! Meeeeee!

  11. I love Longmire started watching it late but couldn’t stop watching it Robert Taylor is amazing I love his presence all the actors are great but he has to be my favorite love Longmire wish they would bring it back I look so forward to every week seeing it. The husband and I watch the reruns over and over we love the show wish it would return 🤞❤️

  12. Needs to be a reunion movie pick up where cady becomes sheriff……sorry to hear so many cant attend.love longmire and cast

  13. I started watching the second year it aired, so I had to watch the first season and was able to find it. I have watched every season since then. I start the season off by watching the reruns and I feel like I know everyone personally. The actors play their parts realistically. I grieved after the final show.

  14. The best love story I ever saw…..the greatest cast, all the actors fit their parts perfect,…Robert Taylor is great, and The whole cast was great……

  15. New to the show and have been binge watching! On season 4. I’m saddened that its cancelled. I will have to slow down to savor the remaining episodes I have yet watched. Such an all around great show!

  16. A lot of the comments are confusing…. seems like a lot of fans didn’t know it was picked up and finished by Netflix after it was canceled

  17. I sure wish they would bring back the show. I sure enjoyed it while it was on the air. Would love to see it return to the airwaves once again!!!

  18. I loved the show. Had to cancel cable for financial reasons so I went into hock (charge card) to buy the whole series. Great family show; they cancel good shows,it seems, and leave killing, sex filled crap for people to watch

  19. besides book signings is the rodeo and dance the only other events? are there more events to be listed. Coming from California for the first time.

  20. hoping for more shows or even movies! Would be interested in coming if the cast was actually there. were in Indiana so it would be a really long haul!

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