Robinson Fire response grows as the fire continues to spread

Photo courtesy of BLM

The Robinson Fire burned off the mountain and into Robinson Canyon and surrounding foothills during the Thursday night high winds that impacted the area. 

In response to the spread of the fire and the increasing personnel involved, the fire incident has been upgraded from a Type 3 response to a Type 2.

A flight conducted this morning estimates that the fire has grown to around 600 acres, increasing from the approximately 150 acres on Thursday.

“Our initial response crews have been giving a monumental effort in their fight of this fire as it is in almost vertical terrain that is extremely taxing to work with,” BLM Fire Response and Federal Incident Commander for the fire, Zeb McWilliams said. “Bringing in the Type 2 team shows just how technical a response this is and how we continue to need the best support for our ground crews available.”

The Type 2 incident management team will be arriving today and Saturday, augmenting the approximate 200 personnel currently working on the fire from Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana with operations being coordinated out of an established incident command post in Buffalo.

“We want to thank the community for their support and acceptance of our crews operating out of Buffalo,” McWilliams said. “While we know that the community would like to provide even further support through the donation of goods, at this time due to continued COVID precautions, donated goods cannot be accepted for our responders. Thank you for understanding as we strive to keep the health of our responders a top priority.”

Photo courtesy of BLM

Crews continue to monitor the fire’s proximity to man-made structures, however, there are no immediate dangers to existing buildings or homes. There are no evacuations currently in place.

Video of the fire can be found here.

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