Council Continues Discussion on Land Trade that Would Move Locomotive

Officials with the City of Sheridan continue to weigh the options of a proposed land trade that encompasses property along East 5th Street and would involve moving the historic locomotive that sits at the corner of Broadway and 5th Street to a piece of property that is located just on the other side of the 5th Street railroad crossing and kitty-corner to where the locomotive is currently located.

The estimated cost to move the locomotive is $300,000 and that amount remains in the budget for the upcoming fiscal year that begins on July 1. City Administrator Stu McRae addressed the proposed land trade at a recent study session of the City Council.

Stu McRae

Councilman Aaron Linden proposed looking at other less costly alternatives to moving the locomotive and possibly reducing the amount that’s currently budgeted to move the engine.

Aaron Linden

A decision on the budgeted amount or to leave the cost to move the locomotive out of the budget altogether is expected at the Council’s regularly scheduled business meeting on June 7. The budget for the City will be adopted by the City Council in the form of a resolution at a special council meeting on Monday, June 14. There will be a public hearing on the budget prior to adoption of the resolution.

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Mitch Smith
3 months ago

Done deal…… it is gone. First the asbestos had to be found leaking and fixed, before it could be moved, next it was found to “sinking” (about an inch since 1962 when placed at current spot) This move will be to a place without curb and gutter, and in a place that you wont be able to see it coming into town. A nice new concrete parking lot will take it’s place and the cost of making a new area for the engine will paid by the tax payers of course. Folks, the TOTAL cost of this (Asbestos, moving, and new park, will be close to ONE MILLION! This is a case of California business hoodwinking the City to swap two worthless plots for one corner lot, that is much more valuable, and then to have the City PAY TO MOVE THE ENGINE! Don’t underestimate the ignorance of the current Council members……….. Unreal!

Diane Davis
3 months ago

Of course they are continuing. The people already showed they did not want it moved. That’s the way things are done now. To h… with that the people of the town think

Robert Davidson
3 months ago

Not enough details to give any comment at this time, but sure seems like a waste of taxpayers money, unless that is what the folks want.

James barber
3 months ago

Is the property swap include moving the engine to the exchange piece of property, is there a group enterested in
Preservation of the engine ,is it just a historical point of interest, if so are there cdrt a in guide lines to follow, how much is the developer willing to put toward the move if they want the property that bad?

Cindy Livingston
3 months ago
Reply to  James barber

I believe the land swap is just land for land. The article that I had read here in Sheridan Media makes it sound like the city taxpayers will be on the hook for moving the already restored locomotive and then building the park around it. As mentioned by Mitch Smith the cost estimate of $300,000 could be a drop in the bucket once the project is completed. It is beautiful where it is, I say leave it alone.

3 months ago

This is one of the only sites in downtown, with the museum, that, as a visitor, I’m aware of, that retains a historic value, is public-accessible, and allows fairly unimpeded photoGraphic opportunities, of a truly historic locomotive! Why move it now, after all these years? I’m opposed to it.

John Torvik
3 months ago

Who covets the land where the locomotive resides. Have them underwrite the moving expenses.

Vashall Victor
3 months ago

They should run the engine as a excursion train

Lee Sanders
3 months ago

I’m curious what the proposal is to do with the property where the locomotive now sits. Has that been reported?