Senator Barrasso: ‘Biden Economy is Squeezing Middle Class Families’

U.S. Senator John Barrasso (Photo Ron Richter ©)

U.S. Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming spoke on the Senate floor Wednesday and addressed the current economic situation in the country. Sheridan Media’s Ron Richter has the details.

Barrasso on the Economy

Senator Barrasso said the job report for April was disappointing and the Biden administration must shoulder the blame for the recent economic numbers.

Sen. Barrasso

Barrasso said the economy is a direct result of President Biden’s policies.

Sen. Barrasso

Senator Barrasso said the same thing happened during  the Obama-Biden administration, referring to it as the middle class squeeze, where prices go up faster than wages go up. Barrasso added that April was the worst month for inflation since the Great Recession 13 years ago.


  1. This self-serving dishonorable man is trying to find something to distract us from his lack of integrity in keeping his oath to support the constitution. Yeah, like Biden’s economic policies are worse than an attempt to overthrow a legal national election!! He may think he’s getting closer to regaining power, access to wealth and status, but he’s sold out the country. He hasn’t said anything about the destruction and riot in the US capitol, hoping he’ll get a pass and people will forget about his lack of character. Join up with him in his make believe Biden threat and you too can sell out this democratic country and forget about the repubs’ attempt to take over. If you think he will win, remember that when the winds change and the repub chest thumpers fade away, another group who doesn’t think your way will be in charge. Want them telling big lies, taking over and acting like they save the nation? I say support the constitution, insist on elected officials keeping to their oath of office – not seeking self grandeur and gain as our good Dr. does.

    • Have you put any Gas in your Truck lately Dennis, or is it an electric green powered vehicle powered by the sun? Did you by chance happen to see the Middle East on fire? How about buying a sheet of plywood? Dennis a return to Jimmy Carter politics isn’t the answer……. Woke-up Dennis and smell the coffee!

  2. More BS propaganda. trump’s tax cuts for wealthy people,and corporations, did more damage to working folks than anything Biden has done. These far right lies are getting old.

    • Fred, please expand on that. Those tax cuts certainly helped my husband and I. How did getting to keep more of your earnings hurt you?

  3. So, does that mean he gets credit for new jobless claims number below 450.000 for the 1st time since last February?

  4. yes,…inflation will be in an “upcycle” now and continue into the near future…the inflation increase may in large part to the pandemic…much slower shipping times internationally…shortages of everything from raw materials for manufacturing and also lumber for new housing plus general construction and unfortunately, shortages generally drive up prices…so “the good doctor” is only partially correct in his “diagnosis of the problem”

  5. Barrasso— Just another Trump Toadie.. VERY VERY SAD, what has become of my Republican party. Makes you wonder why they are SO VERY afraid of a Jan 6 Commission. What are they afraid such an investigation might find ????????? Like maybe the TRUTH!!!

    • Harriett are you talking about the investigation the Democrats are stopping the audit in Az? Why are they against it? They know it is a stolen election (term we got from ms.cliton)

      • No Mitch, I am talking about a Commission that Should Be an effort by BOTH parties to find out the Truth about the Jan 6th, defiling of the Capitol Building of the United States. The Capitol that belongs to ALL US citizens. The invasion of this sacred building, carrying confederate and Trump flags. The invasion of terrorists, who beat Capitol police, broke windows and did a great deal of other damage. The terrorists who shouted “Hang Mike Pence”. The insurrection we all watched on live TV and now much to their disgrace, some Republican Congressmen are saying they were just tourists taking pictures. I am talking about a creating a Commission, so that EVERY American could find out the who these thugs were, Who Invited and Incited them to do what they did. NOW how about you Mitch, don’t you want to hold those folks responsible or Like all the trump toadies, are you afraid to find out the truth. Liz was strong enough to stand up for this country… Are You ????

        • Im looking forward to find out what pelosis role in the fake insurrection was, and why a capitol policeman opened the door for all those folks to enter in an orderly manner….oh, and who shot Ashli Babbet?

          • Apparently you haven’t watched the Insurrection on TV. Nobody opened the door they smashed their way in. And Ashley was trying to climb through the transom 2 get at the congressman. Tio your question directly the security forces shot Ashley. But I think you know all this. You are just trying to twist the truth and support the great Trump. The Kool-Aid will do that to you.

        • I say lets have a commission on all the rioting except that there are not any people out there that could be honest about it. Maybe all those in Portland that held part of the city hostage should be jailed. The people that repeatedly terrorized our cities and vandalized our monuments and blocked our highways and streets should be jailed. I would like to see the real instigators at the Capital, ANTIFA, all jailed and the people who were paying their travel expenses to drive those black busses to cities and start crap. However, concrete prices make it so that more prisons cannot be built (I guess more money could be printed) and more space would be needed to jail them all. The actual truth will not ever be allowed to uttered. Anyone who tells what actually happened will be killed. People will only recognize “truth” if it is their “truth”.

        • “Liz” as you call her is a political opportunist who was evil enough to betray TRUMP and the Republican Party

  6. Looks like there is still someone out there who is still drunk on kool-aid…and right wing lies….Mitch.

  7. You are so right, Senator John Barrasso.I can still remember the Great recession during the Obama-Biden Administration!!! It was definitely ” no picnic”!!!

  8. The economy has only been this anemic under the two worst Presidents of my lifetime, Carter and Obama!!!

  9. I can see the economy is in rather sad shape currently, butbi do respect the office of the President of the U.S.A.

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