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Conservation District accepting requests for assistance

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The Sheridan County Conservation District is accepting requests from county residents wanting assistance with water quality improvement projects.

The deadline is May 3 for requests from those who seek funding for work to be done this summer.

Carrie Rogaczewski, who’s the Conservation District manager, said funding is currently available for projects that address potential bacteria contributions to waters within the Tongue River, Goose Creek and Prairie Dog Creek waterbodies. Work could include fencing and water development or relocation of corrals or other facilities to reduce livestock access to streams as well as replacement of eligible septic systems to eliminate sewage discharges into the water.

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Rogaczewski said the Conservation District has offered the cost-share assistance program since 2001 to complement USDA programs. She said for several years, applications were accepted and processed as they came in, subject top meeting eligibility requirements.

But she said the Conservation District is reinstating application deadlines because demand for assistance has started to exceed the amount of funding available for the projects, and the Conservation District wants to make sure the funds are being used for high priority projects. She said applications for livestock improvements and septic system replacements received prior to May 3 will be prioritized for construction this summer.

Among other factors, she said, the Conservation District board will consider the project’s potential to improve water quality and readiness to ensure timely completion.

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For more information, including application forms, visit the Conservation District website at or call the Conservation District at 672-5820, extension 3.

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