Clearmont Area Quilters Celebrate Quilting Month

A family quilt displayed by Addie Cook

March is National Quilting Month, and to celebrate the Clearmont Historical Center is hosting a display of quilters.

Fran Felz, quilter and Clearmont Historic Group member, gave a tour of the quilts on display. They range from some early examples, one that was loaned by Bruce Yates, Dayton, Wyoming, former Clearmont resident, that was pieced by hand by an unknown quilter the fabric age ranges from 1860 to 1910, according to the information attached to the quilt.

Another quilt was a small piece that had been hand stitched by Ira Roadifer’s grandmother, Marjorie Roadifer, who made it for Ira.

Another quilt was a family affair that was on display from Addie Cook. Cook wrote that her mother, Hallie Schoonover “made most of the quilt blocks many years ago. They were given to me after her death in 1957. I made six more blocks to have enough to make a top. I also did the embroidery on the other half of the blocks. I made the sashing and sewed the blocks together. My daughter, Julie Weber, quilited the quilt.”

Other displays included a very colorful quilt made by Sherri Williams, niece of Clearmont resident Terri Foster; a baby’s quilt by Fran Felz with farm animals, goats, chickens and cats on it; a 4-H project quilt; and an antique quilting hoop that had been used by Jennie Rivers, 1909, of Wayside, Nebraska, one of Fran Felz’s relatives.

During the rest of the month the Center will be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10-5 for anyone wishing to see the quilt display.fra

Fran Felz displays a quiliting hoop, and the Women’s Club 100 Years Quilt

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