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Schiffer School construction going ‘extremely well’

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Construction of the John C. Schiffer School is going extremely well, with a possibility the building could be substantially complete by mid-May.

Scott Stults, an assistant superintendent with Sheridan County School District 2, which owns the building, said that’s the hope at this time.

When planning first started for the Schiffer school – which is School District 2’s alternative high school – the school was intended to serve not only School District 2 but Sheridan County school districts 1 and 3 and the Johnson County School District.

Stults said that is still an option. He noted that Sheridan County School District 1 and the Johnson County school district have since instituted alternative high schools of their own. Sheridan County School District 3 currently doesn’t have an alternative school, and Stults said School District 2 would open Schiffer to high school students from all three of the other school districts.

However, he said, School District 2 currently has a waiting list of its own students for the Schiffer school, so there might be some difficulty at this time in enrolling students in the school from outside School District 2.

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