Governor Gordon: ‘Mental Health Remains a Serious Issue in Wyoming’


According to statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for 2019, Wyoming is number one in suicide rates per capita in the nation. Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon said we continue to see far too many individuals in the state struggling with mental health issues, resulting in high suicide rates, and there is no doubt that the stresses of the past year have compounded this critical issue.

Governor Gordon

Gordon said he’s especially concerned about the ongoing epidemic of suicide that has plagued our armed forces and our veterans.

Governor Gordon

Gordon said Wyoming remains dedicated to continuing to seek better ways to address the ongoing mental health crisis, but these services are not cheap, and they’ve already made deep budget cuts, not by choice, but by necessity.

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Olivia Cupant
1 month ago

The legislature clearly doesn’t give a [insert favorite phrase here] about suicide or the elderly or education. They’re so wrapped up in their “ideology” of no new taxes and creating a government that’s small enough to fit into a uterus, they’re useless.

Further, Gordon is being quite disingenuous when he pleads poverty as an excuse for not addressing suicide. Wyoming has been at the top of the very sad charts with suicide for years and years, including when state coffers were brimming with cash.