Johnson County COVID-19 EOC Information on Vaccine

Johnson County Public Health, in a release on the county’s COVID-19 site, announced that they are no longer taking appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine until mid February, due to all of the vaccine issued to Johnson County has been accounted for.

Those already with scheduled appointments have secured vaccine.

Announcements will be made by Public Health and the Emergency Operations Center when more vaccine is available.

In a recent release from the Johnson County COVID-19 Emergency Operations Center (EOC), it was announced that the Wyoming Department of Health is working to finalize Phase 1c.

There is not an estimated date on when this information will become available, but all avenues will be used to inform the public in an accurate and timely manner. Johnson County Public Health in conjunction with the Emergency Operations Center is the official source to gather information about vaccine availability in Johnson County.

Information from Johnson County Public Health will be announced via local media outlets, JCPH Facebook page, Code Red (mass text alert) system, and on the county website at

Aware of concerns about the safety of the vaccine, Public Health encourages those with concerns to research the vaccine through credible sources for information.

We have provided the links they suggest with this story at

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