Cheney Explains Opposition to Electoral College Challenge: “This Vote Is Not About President Trump”

This story first appeared on Cowboy State Daily

By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

Giving Congress the authority to overturn elections at the state level would allow that body to dictate to the states, U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney said Monday.

U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney, in a statement on her Facebook page, explained her decision to stand by the Electoral College’s vote confirming former Vice President Joe Biden as the president-elect.

“Congress has an important role to play in supporting states as they address election fraud,” she said. “Congress does not, however, have the authority to overturn state presidential election results by refusing to count electors and thereby substituting our views for the votes of the people in the states. Doing so would be establishing a tyranny of Congress and stealing power from the states and the people in those states.”

Cheney’s statement was posted less than a day after she denounced many of her Republican colleagues, including U.S. Sen. Cynthia Lummis for their plans to challenge the results of the Electoral College.

Eleven Senate Republicans, including Lummis, announced over the weekend they will object to certification of the Electoral College’s results until an emergency 10-day audit can be conducted of votes cast in states where some have raised questions about the legality of the elections. The Senate is to receive the Electoral College’s votes for certification on Wednesday.

Cheney said she understood many people had concerns about the election, particularly with mail-in voting.

“Since November 3, I’ve had the chance to talk with many of you about the very real concerns associated with mail-in voting and other challenges in the 2020 presidential election, and I share your concerns,” she wrote. “I think it is fundamental to the future of our electoral system that we address and reform these systems.”

She went on to praise Wyoming’s election system, which functions “fairly, efficiently and transparently,” which other states could learn from.

She added that the Republican Party prided itself for its fidelity to the U.S. Constitution.

“[Republicans] call ourselves strict constructionists, meaning that we adhere to the actual text of our founding document,” she wrote. “We do not read words or concepts into the Constitution that are not there. And we do not comply with the Constitution’s commands only when it is convenient politically.”

By objecting to the Electoral College results, this would assert Congress had the authority to overturn elections and overrule state and federal courts.

“Like all of you, I am thankful for the work President Trump and his administration has accomplished on behalf of Wyoming and our entire nation, and I am not happy about the result of the presidential election,” she said. “This vote in Congress is not about President Trump. It’s about following the Constitution and recognizing that the authority here rests with the states and the people, not the federal government.”

Cheney concluded that she couldn’t, in good faith, surrender Wyoming’s right to determine the winner of the presidential election to a future Democratic-run Congress.

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  1. I can’t quite understand why Rep. Cheney got involved in issuing statements and now defending same before the evidence has even been presented to Congress. She’s taking the same tack that all-but-one of the courts took: make a decision before seeing the evidence. Although, as has been so kindly pointed out to me on this board, my knowledge of history is “pseudo-knowledge” and my positions are full of vitriol, I would point out that Cheney’s unfortunate approach in this case is eerily reminiscent of the attitude of Republican Senator Trent Lott, then Republican leader of the Senate, who took the tack of ignoring the evidence received from the House Judiciary Committee in the Clinton impeachment trial before it was even presented to the Senate. The Republican senators of that time had no more interest in considering the evidence than Rep. Cheney apparently has now. That’s really a sad commentary on the way our government officials choose to approach important matters such as this. I again implore all honestly objective people to watch tomorrow’s joint session of Congress with an open mind. At least consider the evidence presented. Sadly, Rep. Cheney has apparently decided not to bother doing that.

    • The federal courts did not fail to review the evidence -they examined the brief and determined that it did not contain a credible reason to hold a formal hearing. In other words the suits were nothing burgers that even Kavanaugh couldn’t call it a reasonable filing with a straight face.

    • Thank You Mr. Cole, for this post without any acidic name calling. It certainly is easier to read with a Ph of 7.

    • THEY (whoever the hell they are) dont have any evidence that there was a massive 80 million voters concerted fraud. Thats an 80 million voter spread-get that!??? NONE. It just isn’t there and over 60 court actions against Trump’s insanely corrupt circus (Which has basically been him goading and deceiving his nearly insane followers (like you-? I hope not) to send him money because HE KNOWS HE IS A DOOMED MAN) have proven this. Anyone left drinking the Koolaid? You are on the wrong side of history. I am a registered independent who lives in Wyoming. I applaud Cheney in this instance (though I still don’t fully trust her) but she is right: Trump lost and it’s time for a new beginning.

      • Hours of AZ, MI, PA, and GA voter fraud hearings on YouTube for you to watch that your MSM didn’t bother to show you. 100s of witnesses who put their lives on the line to testify to what they saw during the vote counts, but I’m sure they’re just kool aid sippers too. Just because it’s not mentioned by CNN, doesn’t mean it’s not true.

    • There are a lot of people who are too willing to lay down and let this country be destroyed. If we don’t fight this now, when do we do it? Tomorrow? It will always be tomorrow. I do not put any trust in our congressmen to do anything in our interests.

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