Dr. Schueler Discusses COVID Issues at EOC Briefing

Dr. Mark Schueler, Public Health Officer for Johnson County, spoke to the media during the COVID-19 EOC briefing this week, and touched on the veterans home, vaccinations, and his impatience with the time needed to vaccinate the community.

Dr. Schueler said he was alarmed that despite efforts from the veterans home staff and the JCHC, the outbreak of positive cases at the veterans home was so extensive.

He said if a similar outbreak were to happen at the Amie Holt Care Center, he expects the destruction would be even worse.

He is relieved that the staff at the care center have begun to get vaccinations to help protect the residents there, but he is concerned that the vaccine will take roughly two weeks to take effect, and that the expected surge in positive cases from the Christmas holiday should begin soon.

Dr. Schueler said getting the doses of vaccine is a milestone in the fight against the virus, and he is anxious to see large numbers of people vaccinated, but the process takes time.

Schueler wrapped up by saying he will just have to learn to be patient.

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