School District 1 won’t mandate COVID vaccine

Pete Kilbride said he plans to be vaccinated against COVID-19 when the vaccine becomes available, but he won’t mandate vaccinations for his staff.

Kilbride is superintendent of Sheridan County School District 1, which is the schools in Big Horn, Ranchester and Dayton. He said the question of mandating vaccinations has come up.

Kilbride said in School District 1, the school nurses will have access to the vaccine as soon as it becomes available.

He said his understanding is that in the first round of vaccinations county-wide, healthcare workers, hospital personnel, EMTs, first responders and nursing homes will have priority. After that, he expects that the school district’s employees would be in the second round of vaccinations.

He’s hopeful that those individuals could have access to the vaccines by late February or early March. He said he doesn’t know where students and their parents stand in the lineup for vaccination.


  1. They will need to wear a mask until they get vaccinated. No exceptions. Asymptomatic virus sufferers are worse than people showing symptoms.

  2. Thank you, Mr. Kilbride, for still believing in freedom and choice! You’re staff is well educated and informed to ensure their own and others safety. Disregard the trolls. Keep up the honorable Wyoming-way.

  3. Folks, there will NEVER be a “back to normal” The muzzle is here to stay. This “Plandemic” is nothing more than a means to control the populous and give politicians money in the form of pork, at the expense of our children……. 900 Billion? Any idea how much that is? {1 Billion seconds ago it was 1989} This virus will NEVER go away, the Government will use the mutations to continue the fear in spite of a vaccine, and this climate will continue until the people realize the difference of dying FROM Covid, and dying WITH Covid….. Half the people are afraid to die, and half the people are afraid to live. That has to change. The prevention can not be worse than the virus, and we must understand this {You want to see a REAL virus? Google 1918 Spanish Flu}

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