Huge Wreck Involving Truck Carrying Wind Turbine Blade and Cattle Hauler Perplexes Residents

This story first appeared on Cowboy State Daily

Although the multi-vehicle accident in Sundance, Wyoming on Wednesday looked pretty serious, thankfully no one was hurt.

Turns out a semi hauling a giant wind turbine blade, a semi hauling cattle, and a pilot vehicle on Wednesday were were involved in the accident near the port of entry.

Photos and videos showed one overturned truck, a small fire, and what appeared to be a burnt wind turbine blade piercing through the side of the cattle truck.

“There were no serious injuries or livestock harmed,” The Wyoming Department of Transportation said. “The scene has been cleared and all on and off ramps are open.  Thank you for your patience today.”

Speculation as to how the wreck happened ran rampant on Facebook.

“My guess is that the cattle truck was coming down the road, maybe icy, hit the blade in the front and the blade lifted up over the cab and dropped back down between and the pickup was just in the wrong damn place at the wrong time when it came down,” one person opined.

Another individual appeared perplexed:

“The cattle truck “hit” the blade bit I’m just trying to figure out how… I mean, how do you not see a big ass blade being hauled by TWO semis with flags and pilot cars?” he said.

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  1. Coming from someone who hauls windmill blades the accident occurred because of an inpatient bull hauler. When you see us coming please have patience we will be out of your way soon

    • Wrong. I watched it happen. It happened because the pilot car wasn’t doing her job and you can’t see those blades with snow everywhere.

      • Evidently you have experience with Pilot car industry i take it, excessive speed in poor conditions was exact cause. Using caution no matter what the traffic is would’ve prevented this hishap. Fact !!

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