Improving Red Grade Road

Sheridan County will apply for a $13 million grant from the Wyoming Federal Lands Access Program to finance improvements to Red Grade Road. Sheridan County Commission Chairman Nick Siddle says that if the grant is approved, it will be sometime before the project takes shape, as it wouldn’t start until 2025.

Nick Siddle

Siddle said the county’s traffic count this year showed a 30 percent increase of traffic on Red Grade Road since the last traffic count that was conducted five years ago.

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Joe Pulitzer
4 months ago

Wary of improving Red Grade Rd, money should be earmarked for something else (even though it is a grant). By having an unimproved road it limits certain traffic, although small low clearance 2wd vehicles still travel up the road, and come back down leaving a trail of plastic skidplates and exhaust parts. There should be stricter control on what is allowed up the road in the summer versus improving the road for more access.

Mitch Smith
4 months ago

If the State of Wyoming can spend 13 MILLION on Red Grade Road, then there is NO budget worries for the foreseeable future…… Hilarious!