Sheridan County votes canvassed Thursday

(Courtesy photo)

Joined by one representative each from Sheridan County’s Republican and Democrat parties, County Clerk Eda Schunk (EE-duh SHUNK) Thompson conducted the canvass of this week’s elections in about two and a half hours Thursday.

Thompson said she thinks the canvass set a record for speed this year.

Assisting in the canvass were Todd Windsor for the Republican party, and Dick Kuzara for the Democrats. Thompson said both men assisted in the primary election candidates last August.

Thompson said the canvass went smoothly, with no changes, no surprises, no recounts and no ties. She said there were two provisional ballots cast this year, and they couldn’t be counted.

Provisional ballots are issued to people who want to vote but don’t have acceptable identification with them at the time. The ballot is accepted on condition that the individual provide proper identification at the county clerk’s office by the day after the election. In this case, neither individual provided that identification.

In absentee, early voting and at the polls Tuesday, over 16,500 ballots were cast this year.

Following the Sheridan County canvass, Thompson sent the results to the Secretary of State’s office. According to information from the Secretary of State, the state election canvass will be held Tuesday.

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