COVID-19 brings changes to schools’ food service

COVID-19 has changed the way Sheridan County School District 1 provides food to students. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Among the changes brought about because of COVID-19 are changes in food service at Sheridan County School District 1.

The district’s Business Manager Jeremy Smith talked about those in a district board meeting earlier this month and again in an interview with Sheridan Media.

Smith said there have been three major effects on food service in the district, starting with the district’s fruit and salad bars in the schools.

As a result, Smith said, food service takes longer. Also, he said, the district isn’t able to offer quite the same variety of fruits and vegetables that it has in the past.

Students at lunch at Big Horn Elementary School. (Photo by Pat Blair)

The second big effect, he said, is that the district has had staff coming and going more than normal, such as staff members staying home if they don’t feel well or are being tested. That means the district has had to employ additional staff people to fill in when others are unable to come to work. The good news, he said, is that no staff members have to date tested positive for COVID-19.

He said the third major impact is that the district’s supply chain has been significantly affected.

Smith said he thinks every school district in America is facing that last problem.

Smith said the district’s employees in the food service department have adapted well and are doing everything they can each day to make sure that the food program at the district’s schools is of high quality, and the food is served with a smile.

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