Absentee voting may set another record

County Clerk Eda Schunk Thompson says absentee voting for the general election could set another record. (Photo from Sheridan Media files)

Absentee voting for this year’s general election may set another record.

That’s the expectation of Sheridan County Clerk Eda Schunk Thompson.

As of Friday morning, Thompson said over 5,400 absentee ballots had been sent out to county voters, and nearly 2,800 had been returned to the election office. She said she suspects the higher number of absentee ballots this year is due to COVID-19.

Ballots can be returned by mail or in person to the courthouse and will be counted as long as they arrive by 7 p.m. on election day, Nov. 3. Thompson said voters cannot deliver absentee ballots to the polling places; they must be taken to the courthouse.

But, she said, people can bring them to the drive-through ballot drop box located just off Main Street or they can bring them to the election office or the county clerk’s office inside the courthouse. She said people can also use the county drop box at the courthouse.

Thompson said the drive-through absentee drop box is located in the alley behind the public health office, between public health and the county garage.

She said although only 14 polls were open for the primary elections in August, all 18 county polls will be open on Nov. 3.

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