Lake DeSmet Board Denies Boat Ramp

The Lake DeSmet Advisory Board, during their monthly meeting Wednesday, discussed and acted on an issue involving shoreline regulations and a “Grandfather Clause” within them.

They voted to deny a newly constructed boat ramp encroaching on county lands at the lake.

Cheryl Benner, with the Lake DeSmet Operating Board, explained to the advisory board that the old Texaco Lodge at the lake sold this summer and the new owner wants to make improvements on the shoreline below the property.

The new property owner has since poured what was described as a concrete boat ramp which is taking the place of an existing gravel boat ramp, without seeking permission from the advisory board of Johnson County itself.

County Attorney Tucker Ruby was asked his opinion and said he believes the new boat ramp is in violation of the clause.

Also discussed were further plans the landowner has for the area, including bringing in sand to create sandy beaches near the boat ramp and the installation of a temporary boat dock.

After further discussions, the board decided there needs to be updated, more specific shoreline regulations that define what can and will be allowed by the county for development at the lake, which will be addressed in the near future.

The board voted to deny the concrete boat ramp structure and suggest the county attorney pursue further action if approved by the county commission.

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