Julian: Now is important time for great leaders

Don Julian says now is the time for great leaders. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Don Julian thinks there’s never been a more important time than now to be a great leader.

Julian, who’s Sheridan High School activities director, gave the keynote presentation at lunch and provided closing remarks at Tuesday’s Ignite conference of the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce.

Julian spoke on “Leading for Transition” during the conference wrap-up session. He said those who are leaders must take care of themselves, take care of their families and take care of their people. He said those the leaders work with need the connection with their leaders.

Julian said now is a good time for leaders to encourage those they work with to take even bigger roles. Julian said he’s told all of his coaches to have back-up plans, because on any given day, no one knows who they will or will not have.

He urged those listening to him to have people ready to step into their shoes if needed. He said it’s also important for those who are leaders to be empathetic to those around them. He said in one way or another, everybody is suffering right now.

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