Community Meeting to Discuss Unmasking Schoolkids

A community meeting has been organized for this Wednesday to discuss the possibility of unmasking the kids in the Johnson County School District.

Organizer Shanell Hatch said the low cases of COVID-19 here should be an indicator that maybe masks aren’t needed, and that wearing masks is doing harm both physically and mentally to kids who are being required to wear them.

She explains more about what they hope will come of the


Hatch said she and many other parents have contacted local and state education and public health officials, and even the governor’s office to ask how to go about getting the mask requirement out of local schools, only to be directed to other agencies and never getting a direct answer.

Johnson County Public Health Officer Dr. Mark Schueler has agreed to attend the meeting, but Hatch said she wasn’t sure whether city and county and school district officials would be attending, though they have been invited to participate.

Parents, students, and whomever else is interested can ask questions and seek answers from local officials in the matter.

The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday evening at 6:30 in the pavilion next to the pool in Buffalo’s Washington Park.

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Dean Seever
7 months ago

This is coal country, how can these people be so ignorant about masks? There are miners who live in Johnson county who have been wearing dust masks for years to simply stay alive at work. Why are they not protesting MSHA saying it is their right to get black lung because a dust mask is uncomfortable and they heard on Facebook that it deprives the wearer of oxygen? There aren’t any!

7 months ago

I am not sure that unmasking totally is a good idea. Each child interacts with numerous people each day in their home life as well as their school life. Why not teach children when wearing a mask is appropriate and when they do not need to wear one. Teach kids to interact while maintaining a safe distance and putting their mask on when they are not. Have some additional outside time, hold some classes outside with distancing. Be creative while keeping kids safe. Kids are not traumatized by wearing seatbelts and being in car seats and we use those to keep kids from dying too.

Ezra Petersen
7 months ago

I can’t imagine that wearing a mask is causing many stale infections, irritation yes but a potentially life threatening infection? Lots of people have been wearing these since last spring and haven’t heard that complaint before. Additionally, many people working in many different industries wear masks everyday and survive. When masks were mandated for use in schools it was made at the state level, Scheuler can’t over rule that decision you are stuck with the mask requirement. You are trying to hatch a plan that you will not be able to. If you’re kids are complaining about it and you don’t care just tell them not to wear them, none of these rules are being strictly enforced. Go out to eat, servers are still required to wear them yet most do not and nothing happens to them.