Contract for library roof replacement could be let next month

The Sheridan County Library board will need a special meeting this month to deal with a staffing matter. (Photo from Sheridan Media files)

A contract for replacement of the roof and HVAC at Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library could be awarded next month.

That’s according to Cameron Duff, director of the Sheridan County Library System, in a report to library board members this week.

Duff said a contract has also gone out to bid for an asbestos test on the library roof and HVAC. He said he doesn’t anticipate finding any asbestos, but the test is to make sure of that.

Also during the library board meeting, Duff talked about what the county library system is doing in the way of services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said no meeting rooms are open at the Story and Tongue River branch libraries, and they currently don’t offer any programming or book discussion groups.

He said computer use at the libraries is currently limited to one time for up to one hour per day per person. He said the reason for that is that library staff have to clean the computers, chairs and work space after each use.

In addition, he said, computer users must be separated by six feet, so about half the computers at each library are blocked off. He said at the Sheridan Fulmer library, that means six computers are available in the adult library and two each in the children’s and teen areas.

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