Senator Enzi Seeks Answers About Potential COVID-19 Vaccine for Children

U.S. Senator Mike Enzi of Wyoming at a recent Senate health committee hearing to examine public health issues related to vaccines, wanted to know what steps the federal government is taking to ensure that a possible COVID-19 vaccine is safe for children. Senator Enzi asked Surgeon General of the U.S. Vice Admiral Jerome Adams about the process to develop a COVID-19 vaccine for children. 

Senator Enzi

Adams added that it is critical to ensure vaccine confidence and that all adults who can get a vaccine do get a vaccine. He said because the initial round of vaccinations will not be available for children, it will be crucial to have a higher percentage of adults getting vaccinated to get closer to the level of herd immunity needed to break transmission of disease. Adams said more than 4 million children are currently behind on childhood vaccinations and stressed the importance of preventing the diseases we can prevent right now. He urged every child to get a flu vaccine this year.

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