UW campaign supports recent grads seeking employment

The University of Wyoming has implemented a career support campaign for 2020 UW graduates.

According to UW President Ed Seidel, the campaign, “When Cowboys Call, We Answer,” is being offered to those facing the uniquely challenging times navigating the job market after the impact of COVID-19. He said he’s pleased that the program will help support recently graduated students who may be struggling during the pandemic.

The UW Alumni Association, the Advising, Career and Exploratory Studies Center and other campus career service partners are offering career support, resources and opportunities to recent graduates who are still seeking employment, he said.

Career resources and opportunities available through the campaign include access to job postings and a suite of career webinars and videos in addition to virtual mock interviews and guidance on virtual job searches.

UW also invites 2020 graduates to participate in the university’s virtual career fairs scheduled this fall.

In an effort to connect alumni with May 2020 graduates, the UW Alumni Association will share a survey with alumni to identify industry-specific career/professional opportunities regarding full-time jobs, internships or professional volunteer projects in a variety of industries.

The association can also connect graduates to alumni for “Cowboy2Cowboy” informational interviews and/or professional networking.

UWAA Executive Director Keener Fry said final “When Cowboys Call, We Answer” campaign details will be coming soon and will be accessible through the UWAA career webpage. The UWAA website can be found at www.uwy.edu/alumni/career/index.html.

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