Poultry show a little larger than last year’s

This year's poultry show was a little larger than last year's. (Photo by Pat Blair)

A few more birds were entered in this year’s poultry show at the Sheridan County Fair than last year, but Poultry Show Superintendent Jennifer Forsness said a few birds were dropped from the event because of the weather.

She said temperatures were too warm, and birds were losing feathers.

But Forsness said there’s also been a change that’s been good for raising poultry as a fair project.

This year’s show was held in the Eaton’s Barn, as in past years, but the 5 p.m. time of the event on Sunday was a lot later in the day,

The judge interviewed exhibitors one at a time in the showmanship classes. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Forsness said. In past years, the show has been held in the morning. She said the time change was made in order to keep the young exhibitors cool and children and animals safe.

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