13 Active Cases of COVID-19 in Sheridan County

The original story has been updated to reflect new information from the Wyoming Department of Health.

There are now 13 active cases of COVID-19 in Sheridan County according to information from the Sheridan County Incident Management Team and the Wyoming Department of Health. Overall to date, there have been 43 lab confirmed cases in Sheridan County since March 11. 30 of those have recovered. There have been 11 non-Sheridan County residents who have tested positive in Sheridan, all 11 have recovered. According to the IMT release, a small number of the positives have been identified in the food service industry. Those positives are limited to staff exposures and no members of the general public have been found to be at risk of transmission because of their patronage of the businesses. 

The infection control measures including masks, limited contact, distancing, sanitization, and hand hygiene implemented by businesses  in the food service industry have been effective at limiting the risk of transmission of the virus. In the news release, the IMT thanked Frackelton’s for their extremely helpful and timely response to the public health incident.

According to the release, as travel increases throughout the summer, the Incident Management Team is expecting to see more positive cases come into the community. They are asking people to continue to be vigilant and practice all appropriate hygiene and distancing recommendations as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Wyoming Department of Health.


  1. I’m increasingly disappointed in the public communication, or lack of, of the IMT. Their last news release was way back on July 16 and in that time the number of cases has nearly tripled. Where are these cases originating? Community spread? Residents traveling? They also continue to not address the number of probable cases listed on the Wyoming health department site. Have they been isolated? Why aren’t they being added into the number of active cases? For that matter, why aren’t these cases being tested? Does Sheridan have an issue with access to testing? This poor communication from the IMT is going to increase rumors and misinformation.

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