Longmire Days go virtual

The Longmire Foundation has announced the 9th annual Longmire Days will go virtual this year, starting August 13th to 16th.

The Virtual Longmire Days will feature readings from The Next to the Last Stand, the new book by Craig Johnson, not scheduled for publication until Sept. 22.

Special guests Robert Taylor, Lou Diamond Phillips, Louanne Stephens, Zahn McClarnon, John Bishop, Bailey Chase, Cassidy Freeman, Jeffrey De Serrano, A Martinez, and George Guidall,  will each read a new Longmire short story.

The Longmire Foundation will also be conducting online question and answer sessions with the actors, an online auction of Longmire items including pieces from the set of the Netflix series, a musical performance by John Bishop, raffles, and other online events.

Additional information and a complete schedule of events will be posted to www.longmiredays.com in the coming days, according to a press release.

Tickets to attend the events will be made available on August 5th. Email alerts will be sent and social media alerts will be posted on the Longmire Days Facebook page, including opportunities to have a question used in a question and answer session. The schedule is subject to change as these are fluid times, according to the release.

As with every year, the net proceeds will be donated to the national charity, K9s for Warriors, and the local charity, the St. Francis Animal Shelter.


  1. I am truly missing this show wish it would come back. If we ever get out of this god awful mess that’s going on my wife and I will be there next year. Robert Taylor your the best. Everyone stay safe. Thanks John W.

  2. My husband and I enjoyed the series very much! Great writing and acting. Hope to get involved in the super charities esp since our son is K9 state trooper!

  3. Please please please bring Longmire back to television! I was totally engrossed for a two week period while watching each and every episode. I felt that I was actually there with the cast and crew and I am planning a trip to Wyoming where this fantastic movie was filmed!!

    • I loved the show too. I did a little checking and found out very little of the show was actually filmed in Wyoming.

  4. Longmire was an amazing show.I wish we could see more and continue as his daughter begins her story of being sherrif.WE NEED MORE LONGMIRE PLEASE..PLEASE..!!

    • If you try and follow the timeline in the book you’ll see that Longmire is the youngest seventy-five-year-old you’ll ever meet

  5. Yellowstone is a Good show, But I’ll Take Longmire anyday of the Week, and Twice on Sundays.
    I Love what Walt Stands for!
    The Longmire Series Needs to comeback to Telivision.

  6. Missing this show AND its other “sister and brother” historical fiction shows: “Justified,” “Designated Survivor,” “Madame Secretary,” “Blue Bloods.” and for shits and giggles , “Dexter” and “Nurse Jackie.” The best! Reality Shows and anything similar to a gHallmark Drama, you can keep. All the streaming Icons are cancelling the wrong shows! Longmire was the best and can reboot easily. A ton of money lost for the producers. “Reality” wannabes are a waste of my time. Looking forward to Aug. event. Thanks!

  7. Best TV show of all time. Cast, scripts, production…Supreme! How about doin another 5 years or so Robert & everyone?

  8. Miss this show. My husband and I really enjoy watching this show. Hoping for new episodes as soon as its safe to make them. Miss you all! Stay healthy!

  9. Wonderful news!!!! Now, those of us who were not going to be able to come can actually take part! Great idea!

  10. I can’t understand why all the good shows keep getting cancelled. To me this is a modern day Western and has a great story and cast. I have gotten to where i dont like watching TV shows anymore because they keep canceling the good ones.

  11. The books are fantastic. If your sad about the ending of the TV show, start reading the books. I watched the 1st season and needed more right away. The books provided my needed fix. Though I find myself sad waiting for September to come around each year. It’s always worth the wait.

  12. Loved Longmire TV series! Bingeing helped keep us sane during this cov-id safe-at-home protocol!
    Haven’t read the books but will look forward to the Dept publication for my new reading experience!

  13. Loved the series, wish there was more like “the rest of the story”! Robert Taylor and Lou Diamond Phillips were great. Oh the whole cast was great,

  14. Longmire has been a favorite on NetFlix!! We’d love to join in the festivities and donate to a great causes🐶

  15. My husband and I miss seeing you all in the show. Great storylines, great actors! Hope you’re all doing well.

  16. Loved Longmire! We found it on Netflix and had a Longmire marathon! Loved all of the cast especially Robert Taylor and Lou Diamond Phillips. Isn’t there any way to bring it back?

  17. I watched the Longmire series 4 times but I’m probably not done great characters great stories amazing background it’s a show that you can watch were you get attached to the characters that doesn’t happen very often I was always hoping there would be more but obviously not I want to thank you everybody involved in this show it’s brought me a lot of joy.

  18. Loved the show and all the actors on Longmire and would love to see it back on my tv screen ❤️❤️❤️Robert Taylor and so many more from the show etc ❤️❤️❤️

  19. Loved the Longmier series. Wish there were more to follow. It was probably my favorite tv series of all time for me. Miss all of you and you were the best actors and actresses ever!!!!

  20. I Love the series! The whole cast is great! I would love to see the series continue. It’s really helped me pass the time while recovering from surgery.

  21. Love this show! The cast is amazing! Reading the books now. Wish I could attend Longmire days in person. Maybe one day. Hope they bring the series back.

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